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Hawaiian Luau-HELP WITH MENU

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Looking for recipes for a friend's house warming party. She wants to have a Hawaiian Luau party theme. So far I have grilled pineapple chicken on a stick, watermelon basket with assorted fruits. Can't really think of anything else.....any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Depending on how much $$$$ you want to spend, a suckling pig would be wonderful. Or a Hawaiian-inspired seafood boil. Pineapple rice would be great. Hawaiian style meatballs in a sweet and sour sauce might be good. (You can use turkey meatballs or chop meat.)

In Hawaiian meals, there is a course called "The Stepchild." It is usually sweet. Sweet potatoes can be used for this.

While not a traditional Hawaiian dessert, you might try grilling slices of pineapple with a butter rum sauce. Also, coconut ice cream or papaya ice cream, either purchased or home-made would be a nice end to the meal.

Not to mention all the wonderful exotic tropical drinks :) Good luck and let us know how it turns out!