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Grandparents 2nd Dinner menu...

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The second dinner that I am fixing  for my grandparents is on April 6 at 5:00pm. I've been thinking about the menu for the last hour or so and this is what I've come up with thus far. Looking forward to your input - too many like flavors, different flavors, etc. Thanks - T

Appetizer - Fresh Spring Rolls with Plum sauce

Soup - Tom Kha Gai sans the Gai(chicken) It's a coconut based soup with lemon grass, kafir leaves, galangal, chili and num pla. Excellent flavor and extremely easy.

Salad- Baby Greens with _____________  Any suggestions?

Entree - Pork Tenderloin with a mango sauce and rice pilaf with cilantro, red pepper and coconut  I was also thinking about some snow peas or snap peas, but am not sure. After last time I learned that the ladies seem to eat very little.

Dessert - Ginger Mouse? Lemon mouse? or something else. Can't have flour and I want it to be something light.

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Sounds good to me.

I'd throw a few shrimp in the soup for flavor.

For desert, how about MC's raspberry mango pannacotta, or maybe pavlova?

Oh wait, mango sauce on the pork - nix the pannacotta.

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with Plum sauce

coconut based

mango sauce

Lemon mouse?

Sounds like a lot of fruit--so why not go w/raspberry vinaigrette on your greens--spice them up a bit w/radish sprouts, and/or mellow out w/some cheese--buffalo mozz was mentioned somewhere here recently.

Or, you could have a basic greens bowl/selection, w/lots of stuff they can optionally add (e.g., nuts/seeds) and a choice of dressings. Maybe a very chunky blue cheese (use limes instead of vinegar)?

I'd like a mustard-based sauce (or a non-sweet option) for the spring rolls.

Hmmm, I missed this on first read:

snow peas or snap peas

I recently picked up some sushi (dangit, just the other night I heard Ming name it--the kind where the nori is inside and the rice outside?) and the side dish was edamame (soy bean pods) TDF! I think this would go very well w/pork. You do have to use your hands to eat them, tho.

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Mango sauce????  Recipe please??LOL

Chiqui from way down yonder in New Orleans


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It was TEC who mentioned mango sauce, chiqui.

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Baby greens w/sliced beets & goat cheese - or no goat cheese.

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