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Glenys!!! They are great!!

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Just took the hazelnut tart shells out of the cooled I had to try one that accidently broke..LOL  The tartlet shells are fabulous without the ganache filling!!  I know they're going to be a great hit.

I doubled the recipe and it yielded 30 "barquettes"  4" long1" wide.  I probably could have gotten more because I think I made the shells too thick, but the taste is a divine cookie like crust.....the aroma of the espresso and the hazelnuts in the dough is just heavenly!!.

I made a version of Mean's Lemon Curd for the other ones that have a basic pate sucree crust and I will lighten it with some sour is very dense and very rich..just want a little milder flavor.  Both tartlets will be topped with a rosette of chantilly cream.


Thanks again for another great recipe!!

Chiqui from way down yonder in New Orleans

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