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Genetically Modified Organisms aka GMO ingredients

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I have been a devoted Fine Cooking home cook for years. I recently wrote to FC to tell them what a great job they were doing and especially about the ingredients used in thier recipes. I have found, however, that although they claim to focus on organic and healthy whole ingredients, FC tells its users to cook with canola oil and soy and corn and does not advise the readers to instead use olive oil which would not contain gmo (unless it was a blended oil) and ingredients that would not be from genetically engineered sources.

Just thought I would remind FC and the cooks out there that gmo is everywhere but it can be avoided by just making sure you do not use canola, soy, corn and now to include some potatoes and squash, that is not organic. I avoid canola entirely and rely on olive oil for baking and cooking. ALso, most importantly, call your reps and demand legislation for the labeling of these so we can avoid them if we choose!

btw, Kashi products are LOADED with GMO. Be careful,read your labels! 


Thanks and healthy eating!

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Thanks, Regina (post #71540, reply #1 of 3)


Thanks for your feedback and for being a devoted fan of FC. We appreciate it!

Check out Ellie Krieger’s story from FC#113. It’s about baking with olive oil, so it’s right up your alley.

-CooksTalk Mods

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interesting... (post #71540, reply #2 of 3)

...never mind....

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Olive oil is a worthy (post #71540, reply #3 of 3)

Olive oil is a worthy ingredient, no doubt.  I don't want such an assertive flavor in some things, and most often not in baked goods. Our wonderful Evelyn in Athens has posted and olive oil cake, which is quite distinctive. That I would love.

I'm curious. Do these other oils in question contain poisons?  ;o)  Kashi  products are bad for me?   Personally, I would use the oil that is appropriate to the taste and consitency of the product I am making.