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Garlic and Onion alternative

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Hello all,

I have a hard time with garlic and onions after I have eaten them.  I am not allergic though.  I was wondering if anyone knew of an alternative that doesn't compromise the take of them but doesn't cause the same heartburn and other body problems.


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Allium intolerance? (post #71677, reply #1 of 1)

I sure as heck don't know what you could possibly substitute for onions and garlic.  I was going to suggest using powdered or juice versions in small amounts, but did enough reading to figure that wouldn't work for you either if you have an allergy issue, but as in one article below mentions in the answers, "

"Garlic powder and garlic salt are made from dehydrated, finely ground garlic. Onion powder and salt, likewise, are made from onions. These products are not suitable for anyone with a true allergy to either of these foods. However, some people who do not have true allergies to these foods and avoid garlic and onions due to gastrointestinal upset find that these products do not aggravate their symptoms, especially if used in small amounts..."

So the question becomes, is it an actual allergy? You may want to check with the doctor on that one...