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I was buying wine yesterday and the shop had estate EVOO and sale alle herbe from the Marlunghe estate in the Veneto. Rather than dry herbs and salt, this is a mixture of fresh sage, rosemary, garlic with black pepper and sea salt. The fragrance is unbelievable, the flavour is perfection.
Like the sugars in the recent FC, this would be easy to make and a great way to keep herbs snipped. In order to preserve the texture of the sea salt (I'd use fleur de sel), I think I'd whizz everything together in the processor with some regular sea salt(until if was evenly pulverized and as fine as the fleur de sel) and blend it into the fleur de sel. The salt acts as a preservative and the herbs dehydrate naturally but of course, all the essential oils are captured. It has a shelf life of two years.

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Sam's Wine & Spirits in Chicago (the largest wine emporium in the country) has a gourmet market, Marcy Market, which, although smallish, carries a good selection of imported items.  I found it there.  The website is, but the salt isn't in the online catalogue.  I really think it would be a no-brainer to make it yourself.  It's nothing more than grey salt, garlic, rosemary, sage and black pepper.  The salt isn't as fine as table salt, but it's ground pretty fine, as are the herbs.  The texture is more like kosher salt.  There are no discernable bits of garlic.



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I think it would be easy as well. Just curious about the proportions. :-)

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Hard to judge, but there's a lot more salt than herbs.



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Thanks for the great idea. I've just mixed some basil and salt together. I've had so many herbs go bad, I don't know why I didn't think of this before :)

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I've been meaning to thank you for bringing this lovely salt to my attention.  I'm enjoying using it and have given jars to my DDs and to friends who enjoy cooking.

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I'm almost through my jar as well. It's the perfect salt for summer cooking isn't it? The flavour could probably be imitated with a homemade batch but I like to think it's got the little bit of Italy in the mix I couldn't capture.

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The flavour could probably be imitated with a homemade batch but I like to think it's got the little bit of Italy in the mix I couldn't capture.

A very nice thought!

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Yes, thanks so much!  This herb/salt mix is the best thing since sliced bread!  Actually, way better than sliced bread.  I am having fun trying all sorts of mixes.  They are so handy to sprinkle on something at the last minute.  (Like watermelon with the basil one. Yum!)

I'm crazy about just the fresh basil and salt, and love the rosemary/sage/garlic, or fresh marjoram, or thyme/lavender, but also the tender, fresh keffir lime leaves from my little tree, or a citrusy mix of a scented geranium that is intensely lemon/lime peel flavored and lime peel itself, or the "green" seeds and fronds of my bronze fennel.  On and on.  Suffice to say, I'm into this.

One question:  I refrigerate the homemade versions that include fresh garlic, just to be safe.  Do you have to refrigerate your store-bought one from Italy?  

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If it is garlic and salt there should be no reason to refrigerate. Nothing will grow in that.


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I was thinking of a "Thai" salt.  With holy basil, garic, kaffir lime leaves and thai chili's.  Do you think that would work?  Would the salt preserve the chili's and garlic enough?  Might be my project for tomorrow.  If I can tear myself away from the hurricane coverage.