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Food swapping

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I don't remember if I had already posted about this or not.  I have used the search function and no results came up so I am going ahead with the post.  My appologies if it is a repetition.

A local woman started a food swap in our area and I have attended a couple of her swaps.  The first one although it was a good experience I come home with some great stuff and some not so great. You are to bring an item to swap and samples for people to taste.  She makes it clear that you do not have to feel bad saying no to someone so you don't go home with something you didn't want.

Last night's swap was outstanding! I brought FC's chicken soup with brown rice, lemon and spinach...yum! I took home home made chevre, pita, mixed berry jelly, cashew oat milk, crackers, biscotti, and I don't remember what else!!

It was incredibly fun to share my love of food with all of these other local gourmet cooks.  The family with the goat cheese have their own goats.

If you don't have this going in your community and feel you are up to the challenge I would definitely encourage you to organize that!!

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Food Swap (post #71620, reply #1 of 10)

I'm afraid that no one that I know around here shares my enthusiasm for cooking, maybe a couple of guys and 1 lady friend that's it...So nice to hear you have had a good experience with others that sound like they enjoy cooking and making fantastic cheese, have fun. 

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c'mon up! (post #71620, reply #5 of 10)

Then you should come check ours out!! :)

We only have about 13 people but it was great variety and great fun.  I must confess it was also flattering to be so sought after with my FC soup.

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food swap (post #71620, reply #2 of 10)

That sounds like so much fun-- I wish I could have been there!  There are several food swaps in Chicago-- maybe I should check one out.  Or organize my own!

Cheers, Jen

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Well worth it...with the right mix (post #71620, reply #4 of 10)

For sure you need the right people there and the honesty of being able to pass up on things you really don't want.  There was someone there with home made wine and I really didn't feel like taking a chance.

Because no money exchanges hands we don't have to have a food inspector or have to have made our food in a kitchen that was approved for food making.

I would imagine somebody in Chicago must make some good food!

It was great that this woman organized it because I have a lot of fun.  I have to up the ante though, the presentation on some of the items was outstanding!

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Home made wine (post #71620, reply #6 of 10)

Oh don't be afraid of the home made wine.  We used to make wine and might get back into it once again if I can make a dedicated temperature controlled area around here.  I still make strawberry liqueur when the fresh local berries are ready.  Most wine makers these days use kits, specific types of wine concentrates are available.  Then there are some people that go the fresh fruit route, but in either case the wines are more potent than a lot of wine that you can's a link to give you an idea of what's out there:

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As IC says,no need to be (post #71620, reply #7 of 10)

As IC says,no need to be 'afraid' of it, except for its flavor!! Did you all know each other before?

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Hmmm (post #71620, reply #8 of 10)

Yeah, I've tasted some pretty horrible home made wines before.  So, that's why I didn't take the chance. 

No Gretchen I didn't know anyone there. I found out about the swap from an article in the paper and through Facebook.

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samples? (post #71620, reply #9 of 10)

Did people offer samples of their "wares" so you could try before you swap? There is an interesting-looking Small Household Food Exchange here in Chicago-- except for the very specific food preferences of the Kid, I might do it.  Another group from the same forum does a canned goods exchange-- wish I had done that the year I made 24 jars of plum jam.

Your chicken soup does sound great-- nice work!

Cheers, Jen

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Yes (post #71620, reply #10 of 10)

The woman who organizes it asks for people to bring samples.  Most people do.  This is the only way to know really if what they are offering is something you would like.

Oh my! 24 jars of plum jam!! I think I may get into canning a bit more this year...but we'll see.  Time seems to be going very fast these days and I am happy if I am able to accomplish 1-2 things when I get home after work. :(

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food swap (post #71620, reply #3 of 10)

Sounds like a great idea, but i don't know of any around here. I love good food & good company.