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flat bottom clear cello bags for cookies

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Looking for flat bottom clear cello bags for cookies, can anyone steer me in the right direction. I am looking for a clear bag that will hold approx 6-12 cookies  2-3" in diameter that I can get in 2 weeks. I think martha used to use them at one point but she is way too pricey. Thanks for your efforts! Happy Holidays.

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We discussed this in another thread, when we were discussing packaging granola as Christmas gifts.  Anyway, I goggled this site, which has bags in packages of 100, which is the cheapest way to get them.

However, if you have an Xpedex or a party supply store where you are, it might be cheaper to see if they sell the bags in bulk (boxes of 100).  You'll have to do the math. 

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You might look for them at Michael's or probably other craft type stores also. Cheaper than that. Shipping is exorbitant.


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My order was "going to be $6.00" but the shipping was $7.99 yes that is a bit much! I tried to search for the thread that was mentioned but could not find it. I will try Michaels but I have always checked with them and up to last year they did not carry these sleeves for cookies. Thanks for your help though

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I buy them at Michaels, in the cake/cookie area.  The bottoms are pleated and when you put the cookies in, they become flat on the bottom.  They come with silver twist ties.  I think it's a package of 50, for around $5. 

Here's a picture of them, so you know if they are what you're looking for:

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Actually what I am looking for is a sleeve that will hold only a single stack of 8-12 cookies one a top the other so I believe that these may be a bit too large for my use, but I will get these for when I make small loaf cakes!



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I use them to stack cookies, too.  Last year I made a ton of the triple ginger cookies from FC, stacked them in those bags and tied with red raffia.  They were a huge hit.  I wish I had a picture, but I can't find one. 

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The Container Store sells all sorts of bags (many w/ cute decorations on them.) If you've got one in your town, you could check that. (They also have a web site-see below.) They aren't the cheapest, but they sell VERY high-quality products.

This isn't what you were looking for, but here's another idea: translucent Chinese takeout containers. Your cookies wouldn't get broken! They also carry lots of tins year round-they change the patterns w/ the seasons.

The Container Store makes the best wine bags-clear cellophane w/ gold & silver designs. I buy a dozen or so at a time & keep them in my wine cellar. They make any gift look festive!

Am I the only person the loves The Container Store, or are there other fans?

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I may be about to become a fan. I see they have a store in Corte Madera. Do you go to the Walnut Creek one? I didn't see one in the Berkeley /Oakland area. That would be even better since we are there more often. I need this resource, since I'm always looking for packaging for homemade goodies for hostess gifts, etc. Thanks!!

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne
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I go to both. I like the Walnut Creek store slightly better. None in Berkeley yet-just the Crate & Barrel outlet.

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$7.99 high? 8 cents per bag sounds alright to me, and i am extremely frugal.
a few years ago i found a pack of 100 clear square bags for around $6 at a very cool, funky old bakery supply store, in the industrial part of town. looked like a wholesale place but it was open to the public. rows and rows of all styles and ethnicities of wedding cake toppers, color candy melts, specialty molds, edible "glitter", etc. it is SO fun to go in there. look in your yellow pages for bakeries and bakery supplies.
if you have no luck, you could roll your own cookie sleeves by making a white posterboard template the size of a cookie and wrapping the edge of a sheet of cellophane over it. run glossy clear celo tape up the side, and fill. you could also make it out of vellum, that frosted translucent look is so pretty.

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it was not the cost of the sleeves it was the shipping cost ( more the the cost of the item) I may still order them though as I really wanted them this year. But as always I wait till the last minute. At least once I order them they should last me for quite some time!

Thanks for the Bakery Supply hint!

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sorry- LOL, i though the $8 was the total-
just goes to show you how seldom i buy online.

ps- find out where the price break comes in shipping and go in with some friends on an order to defray the shipping costs

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I found some bags in the Joann Fabric store in town, craft section.  They were clear but decorated with "christmassy" things.


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I am expecting my papermart shipment to arrive this week, I will let everyone know how they are. I start my  bake a thon this coming weekend, for now, I am making as many doughs in advance as I can stay awake to make. Thank you all for all the suggestions!


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i love papermart. Shipping isn't bad for me, since they are in Los Angeles. Ususally when I order, I have my stuff the next day. can't beat that. Of course, I'm buying quantities of tissue, cello, and shopping bags for my business, so I never get out of there for under $125.


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I bit the bullet!

Papermart won, a $14.00 order for close to $25.00, ah well. That should be the worse part of my day! Thank you all for your help.

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how much would you have spent in gas driving to various craft stores, not to mention your time?

anyhow, that's how I rationalize these things ! 

Glad I could help. =)


You don't scare me. I have a three year old.


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Yes, living in the boonies makes shipping costs far more attractive to me than they used to be!


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I have seen them in Paper Product/Party Supply stores. They always seem a good price to me. I live in Canada though and I am used to always having to pay more for everything. :(.....or worse yet not being to get it at all.  :( :(

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There is a packaging and container supply company called ULine (the name of the founders was Uihlein) and their catalog is chock full of such things as zip-lock bags in any imaginable size, paper "shopper" bags from tiny to huge, cake boxes, window-front bakery bags, candy boxes, shrink wrap, tissue paper, and anything else it takes to package food, liquids, powders, hazardous wastes, etc. They have all the labeling, too.

Page 98 and page 137 on the latest catalog have gusseted bags, but you may want to band together with several people to place the order--most bag sizes come in carton quantities of 500 or 1000 pieces. However, for not much more than $20 for that quantity of 4"x2"x12" bags, you can't beat it.

Website is

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Do they have a web-site? I am looking for the large zip-lock bags to brine my turkey in, and we do not have them in Canada yet??? We always seem to be so far behind the US in product launchings. I still do not have my FC # 83.

As Sally say's...le-sigh. :(

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Yep--check out:

1-800-295-5510 is their phone. They have a warehouse in Minneapolis, 985 Aldrin Dr., Eagan, MN 55121.

Where in Canada do you live? I'm in Jupiter, Florida--think hurricane alley!

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Southwestern Ontario. Halfway between Detroit and Toronto, just outside a small city called, London, yup, a little sister to the Big One just across the pond! :)

Thanks for the web-site, I will check it out and see if I can get an order delivered before the 20th of December. I want to dry brine a turkey, which takes three days of brining and an over night stay in the fridge. I am having dinner on the 24th. So I will have to start all this on the 20th.

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I checked the web-site, it is for small appliances, I did not see anything like zip-lock bags. I think I will try and 'Goggle' it.

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It's with no hyphen. You know the computer, it makes a difference.

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I found some brining bags on e-bay. One brand is Regency, for $9.15 CDN, shipping $4.15, W/S $22.9 CDN, shipping is $16.00. Are William Sonoma's bags really that much better that it warrants the much higher price, including the shipping costs that are three times as high as Regency. Both packages have two bags each.

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A food grade bucket from the bakery = free?


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The Cello bags have arrived !!They have the right feel, weight and crispy crinkly sound that I envisioned. I am only dissapointed in the cost. I would reccomend these as a plastic bag alternative. I may just fold down the tops and seal them with a christmas sticker or gather and tie with ribbon. Either way, I look forward to using them this year and next.

Happy holidays to all and thanks for everyones help!!!

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King Arthur Flour has the giant zip bags for turkey brining. I used one for Thanksgiving and it worked great.

I did a 17 pounder in mine with room to spare.


You don't scare me. I have a three year old.


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Was it in the red box? The write up says it is for a 12 to 14 lb turkey. I am doing one that is 18 lbs or more.