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Fine Cooking Is Now Available on Your iPad

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It’s official, CooksTalkers: If you’ve been waiting for Fine Cooking to come out with an iPad version of the magazine, your wait is over! Free for magazine subscribers and CooksClub members (that's subscribers to, the food magazine you love is officially available in the Apple store!

Read the announcement post or go straight to our apps page for instructions on how to download.

Feedback is always welcome, and if you love the app, please help us out by giving it a positive rating in the store.

Thank you, everyone.

-CT Mods

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iPad (post #71704, reply #1 of 1)

And Fine Cooking is now available on MY iPad! It looks good-- I like the little links where you can get more recipes-- like for the different kinds of greens. I hope that future editions include more videos and animations. For example, the cacciatore recipe could link to the video about how to cut up a chicken. Good stuff though-- I'm enjoying cooking from the latest isse (119).

Cheers, Jen