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Fine Cooking Magazine

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I'm curious if most people on this site also subscribe to the magazine..I'm beginning to think the answer is yes..I stopped subscribing to magazines..and started using the internet for ideas..but I'm getting tempted for this every recipe I have tried from this site has been delicious...any feed back would be appreciated by this new member to your forum.

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Yes, yes, YES!

You won t be disappointed - it is now the only cooking magazine I subscribe to. I get Bon Appetit because someone sent me a gift subscription. Just yesterday I made a side by side comparison: percentage of pages of the magazines that I am excited about reading, and/or think I'll end up cooking from at some point.

Fine Cooking - approaches 80%

Bon Appetit - less than 15%  (not to mention the number of pages you have to turn because of advertisements)

There you go... :-)





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Not necessarily subscribe, although many do, some pick it up on newsstands and some pick up the annual edition (although how they manage to wait I don't know!). It would be fair to say that most of the regulars pick it up one way or another.

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Yes, it's the only cooking mag subscription I have.

However, as Ashley points out, some CTers pick up on the newstand. This is starting to sound like a better option, considering the amount of time some of us wait for the magazine, all the while listening to the enthusiastic reports of those luckier folks. And I'm usually one of the first to receive it in Canada, being close to a major postal station.





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It just finally got to our newsstand this week so the wait is a lot.  We have given several magazines to our kids every Christmas but I am letting them lapse this year and finding out what they really want.  Am thinking that FC might be the ticket.


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I've seen it out before I get my subscription several times (not this time--haven't been out much lately!).

I'm sure your kids would love FC. That's the problem with giving/receiving subscriptions; the gift may become invisible or not as appreciated over the years, and it can be awkward to ask someone to cancel a subscription that is not meeting the same need it once did. It's also awkward to let a subscription lapse; it can turn into the decade-long gift.





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Am thinking that FC might be the ticket.

It sure is for our younger son & his wife.  We gave them a subscription for 2004 and when I asked if they'd like it continued they enthusiastically said YES.  They love to cook together; just remodeled their kitchen with some help from a chef friend.  They make almost everything from each issue.

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Yes.  Curious as to how you found the site?  Just stumbled on it?

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I knew Meryl..from another site..and she introduced me here. She has always been helpful with good advise!!

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I've purchased the magazine for years and enjoyed it. I was fortunate to stumble across this site a couple of years ago.

As to why I don't subscribe, I can't really tell you - inertia perhaps - but I always make sure to buy a copy.

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Love the magazine since it has a great 'usability' factor.  BUT I am one of those people who waits for the annual hardbound copy.  I find the hardbound is easier to store on my shelf than magazines.  If I need a fix, I just head to the bookstore and flip through the most recent issue.

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Hey Marlo,  I do the same thing, although, the news stands don't carry the Taunton line. Now we have a Walmart Superstore, they probably do carry them, but I avoid going there if at all possible.

I really love having the magazines in book form too.

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I wish Taunton would do the FG in book form. I'm missing all the early issues!

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I've had a subscription from the very first issue, and have no intention of letting it lapse.

I, too, used to have subscriptions to Gourmet, BA and F&W, but over the years have let them all lapse because they stopped "speaking" to me.  I love FC - as long as they don't change it significantly, I will keep subscribing. 

It takes too long for it to hit the stands for me to wait.

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Ancora Imparo -

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I've subscribed for a long time.  I love reading the magazine.  Besides, I don't think I could stand it, reading about all the FC articles and recipes and not having the magazine to refer to.  However, many of the recipes do get posted,  and there is a wealth of information on this site that isn't in the magazine, so you can still get a lot from CT if you don't get FC.

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I'm another in the "don't get any other cooking magazines anymore" camp. This is, hands down, the best one out there. We have been buying it since the very first issue and will continue to subscribe as long as it remains the wonderful resource it is. And we cook loads from each issue, sometimes going back many years to make a treasured recipe and finding something that was overlooked the first (or second) time through. I've lately begun to grab an early issue and thumb through it for new inspiration. CT just adds to the overall experience.

Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell

Follow your bliss ~~ Joseph Campbell
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I've been on this board for more than 2 years, and I only just subscribed to FC last week. I frequently (but not always) pick up a copy at the newsstand anyhow. I got a year's subscription for $21 (versus subscription price of $30 or newsstand price of $45) by going to via

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I don't subscribe to magazines simply because I'm in Canada and the price of subscriptions after the exchange on the dollar doesn't balance against the price off the rack. One of the supermarkets I shop at gives 20% off the cover price as well so I just buy it. Now if we could just do something about the price of Australian magazines.....

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FC is the first and only cooking magazine I've ever subscribed to.  DH gets BA and occasionally will often pick up an Italian cooking mag but I find there's no comparison.  As SallyBR pointed out, the number of ads in BA is quite annoying, I find it difficult to find the articles and recipes between all the darn ads.  We do occasionally make a recipe from BA, but it seems that each issue of FC always has several recipes that we not only try but make more than once. 


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I subscribe to FC and to Saveur.  Let subscriptions lapse to Gourmet, Bon Appetit, and Cooks' Illustrated.  I also buy the hard copy...don't ask me why...just got into the habit, so now I have two of everything!  I'm thinking I could give my individual magazines to the girls, but it's so easy to just grab one and get a recipe to use.

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I get the book every year as well, then give the mags to my friend Lee. She loves them, but won't buy them - says "not one more subscription" (her DH is an addict, it seems). Works well.

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I have always loved BA but it has declined since Wm. J Garry died.

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It's my only cooking magazine subscription, and I pretty much read it from cover to cover.  Even the ads are valuable.

Life is good....


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I don't subscribe, yet.... I found the site because a friend sent me a recipe for roasted tomatoes and a link to the taunton site. I was sucked in. I bought my first issue recently, and I think I might be hooked. Of course, it was the holiday baking issue. I'm always a bit reticent to subscribe because I don't eat any red meat, which makes a fair chunk of recipes in any magazine that's not vegetarian useless for me.

But, I think I might end up subscribing, anyway. I want to find a good deal, though...I'll have to check out that valuemag deal....

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Thank you everyone for your response..FC may get a new subscriber...when you guys talk about a new recipe...I feel as though I'm missing out!

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I don't subscribe because of mailbox issues...... but I eagerly scour my Wegman's or B&N until I see the shipment arrive each month. I cherish it. I share it with daughters and will probably buy the annuals when I am flush with buckos. I LOVE the magazine. The only other mag I buy is NG Adventure; but I read a lot at work, too. Armpit deep in prof periodicals.

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I don't subscribe, but keep meaning to.  Anything I have made from any issues I buy on the newsstand has been great.  I love Fine Gardening and that's how I discovered Fine Cooking.  What's this about a hard bound edition?  Where do I get it?  I am unaware of that option.


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Just look up at the top of this page. :) The heading is clickable.

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Thanks Jean!  Guess I need to be more observant!


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Highly recommend FC. For years I subscribed to Food & Wine and watched it decline in quality until it was no longer about cooking at all but about relentlessly pushing whatever consumer products its owner, American Express, wanted to hawk. I cancelled my F&W subscription and started with Fine Cooking because I wanted a cooking magazine that was really about cooking. I haven't been disappointed.