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Fine Cooking 116

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Has anyone tried the roast chicken recipe on page 43?  450F seems like a high temperature.  I'm afraid that the vegetables will be charcoal in 1 hour at 450F, but would like to hear if anyone has tried it and what results were obtained.

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Roast Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes, Leeks, and Bacon (post #71623, reply #1 of 10)

We featured the recipe in our Make it Tonight eLetter this past weekend, so, if you don’t see any raves here, check the Roast Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes, Leeks, and Bacon recipe page.  You’re bound to see some there.

(Go for it!)

-CooksTalk Mods

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chicken (post #71623, reply #2 of 10)

It's on my list, so do report back!  I just need to get a bird from my chicken lady!


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High heat roasted chicken (post #71623, reply #3 of 10)

I haven't made that particular recipe, but sounds very nice.  I normally buy chickens that are under the 3-1/2 lb weight called for in the recipe, as close to a 3 lb chicken as I can get.  I roast on convection heat for the most part so the 450° temp is too high in my oven and every time I roast chicken at that high a temperature my smoke alarm goes off. 

So to answer my opinion only the vegetable layer and additional liquid might keep the fat splattering to a minimum and an hour seems about right for a small chicken.  I would also be tempted to add carrots to the pan and maybe a couple of wedges of lemon and I would add some white wine for some of the broth as well.

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This is essentially what I (post #71623, reply #7 of 10)

This is essentially what I make as "provencal roast chicken". I roast at 425* and unlike Rosemary, get a large chicken--4# +.  While everything goes better with bacon, for a really easy roast chicken with these flavors, put down a bed of sliced onions (leeks if you want--I see no reason to saute first). Season the chicken well as you wish==I sometimes do it with Ina Gargen's lemons and garlic in the cavity and it is wonderful.  I liberally salt and pepper the chicken. Herbs would be fine too.

Put potatoes ( I use small whole new potatoes--fingerlings would be fine, but hard to find and expensive). If the potatoes are not big marble size, I quarter them.  Scatter them around the edges of the chicken.

Roast at 425* for an hour to an hour and a quarter. The onions are melting, the potatoes DEElicious cooking in the chicken juices, and the chicken so very moist and delicious with a golden crisp skin. I have NO problem with smoking or burning.

This is what you see in Paris markets on their rotisseries. the potatoes and onions are in the bottom of the unit cooking and being basted by the chicken fat.

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Roast Chicken (post #71623, reply #8 of 10)

I don't think that I ever roast a chicken the same way twice and for me, the best one that I did on the rotisserie with a pan of potatoes and onions beneath the bird as you suggest, was the best with the veggies cooking in the bird juices.  I simply don't have great luck in my oven roasting at a 450° way too much smoke from all the splattering going on. 

I do the small chickens for just the two of us, but then again 2 in the rotisserie basket works for extra guests.  I might give the high temp a shot next time, so I'' let you know how it goes smoke wise. 

I love roasted chickens and as you suggest stuffed with herbs and lemon etc makes for wonderful pan juices, a touch of white wine when the chicken etc. is removed is great.

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But that is the point, isn't (post #71623, reply #9 of 10)

But that is the point, isn't it. I think 450* is too high--and particularly probably for 55 minutes whichI think I saw somewhere.

I like the bigger ones--and particularly the ones at Costco if I buy them--for leftovers. Basically I'm not sure I even see smaller chickens and I just think the larger ones cook up juicier. But.......

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Whole chickens (post #71623, reply #10 of 10)

I like the Costco Foster Farms chickens, but they are too far away and darned if we just didn't cancel our membership because we weren't even getting to shop there twice a year.  I was in Wilmington yesterday and could have shopped, but I did what I needed to do in DC a few weeks back. 

I think the brand that I buy is Tanglewood Farms at Lowes Foods and if I get to Walmart Heartland brand or whatever it is what I get for small chickens as close to 3 pounds as I can buy. 

The FC says 450° for an hour...

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Roast Chicken (post #71623, reply #4 of 10)

Renamed Trudy's Roast Chicken...Mad Men dinners:  I slow roasted my chicken last night and it was delicious.  Took 55 minutes and I had stuffed it with cornbread stuffing and plenty for individual sides of baked stuffing Loved it!  Tender and juicy and I usually roast a small chicken, for two of us a couple of dinners or lunches for DH when he works the geezer shift/1-9:30.

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mmm stuffing! (post #71623, reply #5 of 10)

ICD, that looks great-- did you use the FC recipe?  Since you said "slow-roasted", sounds different.  Cornbread stuffing sounds super too!

Cheers, Jen

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Roast Chicken (post #71623, reply #6 of 10)

No Pie I didn't use the FC recipe this time, but I'll try it the next time.  A roasting temperature of 450° would smoke me out of the house for one thing, it was too cool to open the windows and I didn't have any leeks.  I can't help but wonder how the leeks would survive at that temperature. 

If I've ever made cornbread stuffing in the past it sure wasn't memorable, but I gave it another shot with the packaged stuffing mix and doctored it up rather plainly and it came out pretty darn good, DH has an individual to take to work for dinner tonight. 

What did you come up with for Easter dinner?   I was thinking of grill rotisserie chickens or game hens, but we have been invited to dinner and all all I have to do is an asparagus dish and maybe a tomato dish. 

I know you must have fun with your daughter making Easter goodies, have you seen the Bunny Butt Cake, so cute and there is an e-how page to show how it is put together.