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Fine Cooking 116

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Just  got the new issue-- looks gorgeous, time for some serious cooking!  I'm totally making the shrimp cocktail martini!

Anyone else? Someone else is going to have to test the asparagus recipes-- I hate the stuff!


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Fine Cooking 116 (post #71618, reply #1 of 19)

Hi Pie...well my neighbor served the chicken braise in red wine vinegar and tomatoes last night, very good and to his credit he beat me to opening the issue, but I have just flipped through a few pages and it looks like a good issue to cook from.  I am caught up in the Canal House cook books at the moment, but the hangar steak recipe is on the to do list for later this week, don't think I'll have much luck finding the steak, so I'll probably use the flat iron steak as a substitute.  I'll report back on that recipe and any others that I make.  The grilled asparagus is a favorite around here, so that is on the list as well. 

I have such good luck with the "easy pizza dough" from issue 49, but I'll try the one in the current, not awfully different and is freezable as well.

That leg of lamb looks fabulous! 

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chayote (post #71618, reply #2 of 19)

Hey ICD, that chicken braise looks really good-- I will have to acquire some good red wine vinegar-- I just have the Goya stuff.  The Canal House cookbooks sound great, but I am blocking my ears and not listening, lalalala-- can't buy any more cookbooks.  

For my first recipe from 116, I tried the chayote with bacon and sweet onions.  I was shopping for taco fixings at the Mexican market near my daughter's school when I found a chayote-- but a spiny one, I had to wear gloves to handle it:

Peeling it was quick work, but I didn't trim quite enough of the pithy bits around the seed.  Still, it was really delicious-- not surprising, with the bacon and all.  Chayote is like summer squash but with a firmer texture-- it's really good.  I kind of like it when summer squash gets a bit mushy when you cook it with butter and onions, but the chayote stayed firmer but still had a tender texture.  A good start to what looks like an excellent issue!

I'm definitely trying the hanger steak too.  Let me know how yours goes!

Cheers, Jen

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ooooh chayote! (post #71618, reply #3 of 19)

boy, I haven't gotten my issue yet  I'm always last...

I absolutely LOVE chayote.  We never used to throw the seed out, it is my favourite part.  I think my mom used to just boil it with the skin on and I don't remember but maybe the spikes get softer when you cook them. I hated having to buy the spiky ones when my mom took me to the grocery store! I am glad that I can find the smooth ones here.

Will await my new issue anxiously.

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and more chayote (post #71618, reply #14 of 19)

I made chayote again tonight-- it was tasty!  I just sautee-steamed it with a little onion and cumin, then finished with lime and cilantro.  I love how it stays firm but juicy even after cooking-- unlike summer squash, which tends to get mushy.

In another success from this issue, I made the sesame-spinach salad.  I love this stuff-- you can buy it at sushi joints and get a tiny portion for a lot of money, but this made a good amount!  The toasted sesame makes a great dressing for the spinach-- I think I ate the whole pound of spinach myself.


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Ouch! (post #71618, reply #4 of 19)

I did a quick run through of the current issue and the Lemon Meringue Pie is far more appealing to me as is the pizza dough.  I usually make the FC Easy Pizza Dough, but today I made the one in the issue...I'll report back.   

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Pizza dough (post #71618, reply #5 of 19)

Hey ICD, what did you think about the pizza?  I made the FC dough and we all liked it very much-- it came out with a good chewy crust and was very tasty, if a bit hard to shape.  I also like making it overnight so it is ready right after school-- and no food processor to wash.  The other recipe is still quite good though.  I think for the new, no-knead recipe I would double it. 

The upper part of the pizza is mommy's corner (mushrooms, peppers, onions).  Everyone else gets cheese today-- sometimes sausage when I remember.


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Pizza (post #71618, reply #6 of 19)

I like the dough recipe and made 3 small pizzas using the 4 ounce measurements, 1 ball of dough is in the freezer.  I was okay on shaping it as I let it rest if it wanted to bounce back, I can understand shaping difficulty if making one large pizza.  I have been using the easy pizza dough recipe from FC 49 because it was always reliable, quick and easy, but I might start using this one from time to time , just as easy.  I didn't get it as thin as I wanted and DH thought it was very good as he normally and until recently likes a thicker crust.  I didn't get the crust as crispy on the bottom, but I'll work on that, I think that I was concentrating on the cheese not burning, used fresh mozzarella, I'll try another mozzarella next time.   

I made pizza Margherita, another with pepperoni etc and my quirky pizza eating routine must include a salad dressed with red wine and olive oil.  Some of the salad ends up on bites of pizza.

I'll let you know how the next pizzas come out and I'll use the remaing ball of dough to see how it acts after it has been frozen.

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pizza, etc. (post #71618, reply #9 of 19)

Hey ICD, your pizza looks great-- I saw it on your blog too, once I got past drooling over that pastrami.  I love your quotes too!

 Tonight we are having crepes... we'll see how that goes...


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Crepes & Thanks Pie (post #71618, reply #11 of 19)

The pastrami was great and I still have a piece left for another night.  I wish that I could get excited about crepes, but I'm not a huge chocolate crepes though. 

You know we just got back from a short trip to DC and ate out quite a bit, I was glad to get back to my own kitchen and even after a 6 hour drive I made dinner, that wonderful carbonara from Bon Appetit (April) with a few adjustments of course. 

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i have never seen that (post #71618, reply #16 of 19)

i have never seen that before. is it a fruit or vegetable? 

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chayote (post #71618, reply #17 of 19)

It has a seed inside, so botanically it is a fruit, but for cooking I would call it a vegetable.  Unless you live in a city with a substantial Latino population, you might never see it in the market.  The ones I usually see do not have spikes.

Cheers, Jen

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Finally! (post #71618, reply #7 of 19)

I finally got my issue on Tuesday! I haven't read it all but flipped through a few things and I will definitely be trying some of the recipes.

Last night we had pizza for dinner (sorry, no photo).  I didn't make the dough as I haven't had a chance to try it but I buy the dough made and then I just make my own pizza.  I read a bit in the intro pages about rolling the dough. I had never tried this!!! OMG!! what a difference. I usually hate having to spread the darn dough with my hands but it was so much better rolling it out.  I am sure that it would be better if I didn't but at the end of the day the pizza was nice and thin and crispy.  I made one half for myself and a friend with roasted chicken, mozzarella and sundried tomatoe and cilantro pesto and the other half for DH with ham, cheese and tomato sauce.

Will report back once I have made some of the recipes.

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Pizza dough (post #71618, reply #8 of 19)

As in another FC dough recipe, this dough can be divided, put in a lightly oiled zip bag, and frozen for another day which is nice if you have free time to make it.  I like to make the small pizzas. I wish DH was not feeling ill today or I would make pizza... 

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crepes (post #71618, reply #10 of 19)

Made the chicken cacciatore crepes and they turned out delicious.  The sauce is a bit soupy, so the first night we had some of it over rice.  I finally got around to making crepes and the cheese sauce, which was very rich!  The whole thing makes a great combination-- the crepes and sauce are very rich, but the filling is savory and a bit tangy with the mushrooms and tomatoes. My husband had his with Thai chili garlic sauce, which he said was really good-- but then he puts hot sauce on everything. The kid hated it-- ah well.

This recipe is another one of those FC classics that has lots of components, makes a ton of dishes, but comes out amazingly delicious.  Making the filling and crepes ahead of time (and on two days) would make this an easy dinner party dish because you just have to make the sauce, fill the crepes, and bake for a bit.  

You can see in the background that I have a pile of leftover crepes-- I'm thinking about what to do with the rest of them!

Cheers, Jen

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WOW! (post #71618, reply #19 of 19)

This looks absolutely delish!  I was so tempted by the recipe but DH said not a chance...I guess I'll have to wait for a girls night in.  We had our crepes with ham and cheese, nutella, fruit and whipped cream...yep, very sophisticated ;)

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Asparagus etc. (post #71618, reply #12 of 19)

Next time I'm grocery shopping I'll get asparagus, but it looked just awful the other day, how can that be it's spring! 

Now on to the lemon meringue pie from the issue, the jury is still out on that one, but most of it has disappeared so it does hold up nicely stored in a covered cake stand.  Keep in mind that I am not a huge lover of baking and pies, well I can do if I stay away from a home made crust. So I"ll start by saying that I used a packaged pie crust.  I'm not at all sure that I would make the pie recipe again, might be that I didn't care for the Swiss meringue, perhaps just the texture in a home made pie being new to me.   

The filling method to some degree was new to me as well, but then again if I made more pies it might be just what everyone else does.  All in all a decent pie, not as gorgeous as the one on the cover by any means, but I didn't completely embarrass myself in this endeavor.

Note to self, never let a guy cut pie, it's not pretty.

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pie (post #71618, reply #13 of 19)

Hey, that pie came out great-- lemon meringue is challenging!  I definitely have my eye on that one!


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Anchovies (post #71618, reply #15 of 19)

Re. anchovies page 88, I did a side by side taste of the salted packed anchovies and the canned anchovies in olive oil and I much prefer the salted anchovies for the bagna cauda that I made last weekend, but I would like to try a Caesar salad using them to see what a difference they might make.  I didn't mind tha they had to be cleaned and I didn't remove the skin, never knew one had to...While they come in a large can, they keep nicely recovered and stored in the refigerator.  The little cans don't survive too long in my refrigerator so I freeze them in a zip bag.

Nice smooth flavor to the bagna cauda starting with 2 anchovies.

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Update (post #71618, reply #18 of 19)

Here are a few pictures of items I've made from this issue:

The gingery sauteed carrots were very good, but I did over do them a bit.

The crepes were delicious and the best crepes I have made to date.  However, I have to say that unfortunately the extra effort of browning the butter didn't pay off for me as I couldn't distinguish the flavour in the crepes.

The asparagus were delicious! I would definitely make them again.

The chicken was the one braised with red wine, vinegar and tomatoes. I didn't have any diced tomatoes but had pureed, the flavour was good but the dish didn't quite look the same.

And the pasta, oh my gosh, the pasta! that was the best one for me.  I absolutely loved this dish.  Would absolutely make it again.  The tagliatelle were a bit hard to find but it was well worth it.  I loved the combination with the arugula.  This one was a winner.


PS. I even did a preview to double check that the photos would come through so here it goes.

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