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Fine Cooking 113

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Yet another intriguing issue.  All I want to say is Holy Pork and Sausage Ragu!!!  I made a batch of this for dinner last night and it was a huge hit with everyone-- my husband is still going on about how delicious it was and my daughter totally loved it too.  The house smelled great all day too!  I can't speak to the yield, because I used tomato puree from some excess CSA tomatoes, which were a bit watery, so I had to reduce it more than expected.  Still, I wished I had made a triple recipe to have extra in the freezer.  Yum!

So, anyone cooking from the new issue?


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looking good (post #71521, reply #1 of 12)

Boy, that looks good pie!  I finally got my issue 2 weeks ago.  I wonder why it is that I can see it in the newstands before I get it in the mail.

I finally got to try some of the recipes from this issue.  One of them is really blurry because I was trying not to take it with the flash but I didn't realize at the time how blurry it was.

I tried quite a few things this weekend.

I didn't have the type of couscous called for so I followed the suggestion and made it with orzo instead.  I am not a big fan of brussel sprouts but that dish was really good! I will cut down on the amount of butter next time :) And finally the beans and carrots, oh my! I paired with grilled salmon and shrimp which I then tossed in the left over sauce and it was to die for.  I also made the apple burgers, DH took one look at them and decided not to try them! LOL They were not my favourite but I think I might've overcooked them a bit (sorry, no picture on that one :( ).

Many more items on my to try list.  DH would like me to try the dinner rolls...but given my history with yeast I am not very optimistic, however I am willing to give it a try.

Curried Pasta
Curried Pasta3.13 MB
Warkentin_Dinner_010.jpg3.61 MB
Brussel sprouts
Brussel sprouts3.49 MB
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sprouts (post #71521, reply #2 of 12)

Hi kitchengoddess!

Great to "see" you!  Looks like you have been doing some great cooking!  That Brussels sprouts dish looks great-- I will have to try it, as I love sprouts.  I need to get out my magazine and decide what to make next!  But before anything new, I am making that pork an sausage ragu again-- I had a groupon to a local meat market and scored a lot of pork for half price!  This time I'm making a triple recipe-- no messing around-- so I can have extra for the freezer.


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Must try Ragu (post #71521, reply #3 of 12)

Yeah, I was so happy to get my issue so I decided to go whole hog.  I took a photo of my second chicken burger so I'll post that in a little while. 

I better put the pork and sausage ragu on my list since you like it so much.  It'll probably a bit before I do that because we have Thanksgiving up here next weekend.

Will post more when I make other new recipes.

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Burger photo (post #71521, reply #4 of 12)

Don't know why but this photo came out fuzzy...must double check when I'm taking the pictures.  The lighting looked good so I guess I didn't look to closely to make sure the focus was sharp :(

I didn't make the slaw suggested for the topping, I just put spinah and old cheddar on it.

chicken_burger_001.jpg2.51 MB
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Pork Ragu (post #71521, reply #5 of 12)

I made the Classic Clams Casino last week, delicious and I absolutely stink at opening clams so the quick open method was perfect for me, just get them out of the oven just as they snap open even if it is one at a time.  I had some of the bread mix left so I did a batch of "Deviled Clams Casino" with two dozen clams, froze them (that darned deviled egg container comes in real handy).   I just might give the pork ragu a go as I spied a butt while freezer diving this morning and I have plenty of home made sausage on had as well.  DH would love that as he prefers meaty sauces to my preferred plain sauce served with meatballs etc. 

I'm eyeballing that cranberry apple walnut crumb bars recipe as I "type" as I always have plenty of cranberries in the freezer and I have never made a pecan pie as all of my friends do here in the south and I never had reason to so that is on the to do list. 

Really the freezer is dictating what I cook for the most part and I've made some great dishes lately and now and then will add a recipe to the food52 forum.  They are currently gathering recipes for a new Holiday iPad project and some great recipes have been submitted so far. 

I think that the most fun recipes that I have made lately is the Smokehouse Wings recipe for a Monday night football game, yummy if you love wings and BBQ Shrimp for an impromptu gathering over the weekend. 

Great fall weather here finally so I am off to make a small pot of roasted peppers and tomato soup and browsing the FC archive for that awesome grilled cheese section, grilled ham and cheese is the one I think that I'll end up making.

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white wine mashed potatoes (post #71521, reply #6 of 12)

The only thing I have made so far are the white wine mashed potatoes in the Thanksgiving article.  I really liked them, they were different from the usual mash.  I am planning on cooking the turkey from this issue for turkey #2 at Thanksgiving.    The clams casino are on my "to make" list also.

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Pork Ragu (post #71521, reply #7 of 12)

Hey Pie, here in pork country I couldn't find anything less that 6-7 lb butts that I normally use for BBQ so I opted for the pork country ribs that need a bit of trimming, but I'm going to try this "sauce" today.  I'm not such a "meat sauce" person, but DH is so I wanted to make a small amount and some for a couple of dinners for him while I am out west.  Freezer diving produced "someone else's" Italian sausage for the sauce, mine is too precious to put in the unknown meaty sauce.  So off I go and I'll report back...oops another question when you made the sauce did you trim a lot of fat off/out as I am going to do some real trimming of the ribs as I picture floating fat layer. 

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fat layer (post #71521, reply #8 of 12)

Hey ICD!  Glad to see you're still not spam!

I didn't get a bit floating fat layer-- somewhat of a surprise given how much fatty meat goes into it.  You could let it sit overnight and skim it-- might be a good idea.  I hope you like it.  My crew liked this one enough that I made a triple recipe the next time.  Now I have a whole bunch in the freezer.


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Kale with garlic and lemoni (post #71521, reply #9 of 12)

I made the kale with garlic and lemon from the T'giving article to use up some of what my CSA calls "adolescent" kale-- to old to be baby, but not full-grown either.  It was good-- nice and tender, with a good lemon-garlic tang.  I think the boiling tames the kale nature a bit, and makes it nice and soft.  A good preparation.

As for turkey, I am really ready to roast a turkey, it is getting cold here, so perfect weather to run the oven.  I must confess that I am going to use Molly Stevens' recipe from the new Saveur-- it is just a plain roast turkey.  I appreciate the novelty of herbs, lemons, garlic, and the kitchen sink under the turkey skin, but I want just a plain turkey that tastes like turkey.  Bring on the bird!

I'm definitely going to make the dinner rolls-- I am bringing them to as my contribution to T'giving dinner-- and I am ready to get into the cranberry recipes too.  It's finally cold enough to make something besides popsicles!

ICD, how did your ragu work out?  I hope I didn't over-hype it so you were disappointed!


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Olive Oil pumpkin bread (post #71521, reply #10 of 12)

Needing to use up some roasted butternut squash, I made a double batch of the olive oil pumpkin bread from Ellie Krieger's column in this issue.  I added walnuts and raisins and baked some up as muffins and some in an 8x8 pan.  It was excellent-- moist and light, plus not-too-sweet and not at all "healthy" tasting, despite the large amount of whole wheat flour.  I think I could slather some cream cheese frosting on it and call it cake.  Another keeper from this column!


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Faux Ragu (post #71521, reply #11 of 12)

Well, I tried... I got everything started the house smelled lovely and then we had to go to a baptism.  The ragu was 20 min away from being finished.  I thought I had turned the stove off.  When sitting at the church I had the feeling that I had turned the heat up rather than turn the stove off.  DH gladly ran on home to check it out.  Sure enough the bottom of the pot was black.  I rescued the pork shoulder and what I could of the sauce and the sausage without taking the black burnt stuff out.  I then started the sauce again but couldn't put the pork in it to cook because the pork was done.  Sigh...It still tastes good but I am sure it would have been better with the meat cooking in the sauce and the sauce reducing.  Maybe in a few weeks I will give it another try.

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whoa! (post #71521, reply #12 of 12)

Wow, it was a good thing you had that funny feeling!  Kudos to DH to being willing to run home and check too!  Well, it has to work better next time-- I'm glad you were able to salvage some sauce from near-disaster!