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Fine Cooking 112

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I just got the new issue and it looks great-- I am saving it to peruse after work.  Anyone else cooking from 112 yet?  

Let the cooking begin!!


P.S. Interesting that Laurie Buckle no longer is Editor in Chief-- I wonder who they will be bringing on next.

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Issue 112 (post #71421, reply #1 of 26)

Just last night looked at the recipe index and I sure need to use a lot of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant from my earthboxes and I have a great pineapple that I am going to grill...

Looks like a good issue, but I have kids that might not appreciate most of the recipes and with a 6 and 4 year old, I don't have much time anyway so I'll look forward to getting back into the cooking groove when they leave at the end of the month. 

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kids... (post #71421, reply #2 of 26)

Hey ICD!  So you have the grandkids, how excellent!  My 6-year-old is excited about the popsicle article-- that might be fun to try with the grands.  She wants mango-strawberry or mango-pineapple.  It is in the 90's all week here and too hot to cook, so popsicles is all I will probably manage!


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Popsicles (post #71421, reply #3 of 26)

Guess that I'll have to pick up the issue and read it soon.  Not much time to sit and relax as you can imagine.  Swimming lessons in the a.m. and then another activity or so later doesn't leave much time for prepping dinner.  Pizza on the grill was a big hit and last night we did a really nice steak with tomatoes Provencal and rice pilaf.  Steak marinated for a day and the kids picked about 8 lbs of tomatoes easily prepared and the Near East Rice Pilaf is probably the one and only boxed rices that I will use. 

I did manage a nice caponata when I had enough time between activities.  I'll try the Popsicles before they leave, but I have to find the Popsicle things first or I might just get the sticks and use those waxed Dixie cups.  I'm thinking of another recipe cor the grownups...Bourbon pops fine cooking...

From Fine Cooking 100, pp. 53
July 9, 2009

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ice pops (post #71421, reply #4 of 26)

Here is our first experiment with the ice pop recipe: blackberry-mango.  I cheated and used pre-packaged frozen fruit puree, which is readily available here.  They came out great-- the level of sweetness is just right and the little bits of mango are a tasty contrast.  I froze some of the extra in my flower ice "cube" molds and that makes a great drink with just some sparkling water.  Too bad it's a little too early in the day, because a splash of gin and a wedge of lime would be just the ticket!


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and more ice pops (post #71421, reply #5 of 26)

Okay, so I have not made anything else from 112, but we are "cooking" the heck out of the ice pop article.  The blackberry ones were too intense for the kid, so next we made mango-yogurt with strawberries-- those were great.  For our current batch, we reversed it and made strawberry-yogurt with mango-- also excellent.  Maybe when it cools off, I will get going and make some other recipes-- in the meantime, we are ice pop central!

Anyone else?


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YAY! Tacos (post #71421, reply #6 of 26)

I just had to try the tacos.  I decided to try the tamarind chicken and the brisket tacos.  I didn't have time to make my own tortillas so I bought some corn and flour tortillas from our local vendor at the farmers market.

DH doesn't like chicken thighs and he doesn't usually like anything tamarind...but hey don't tell him and he gobbles it up! HA  He loved the chicken tacos.  They were about as spicy as I would eat them so they were perfect.

I couldn't find brisket anywhere, checked 3 different grocery stores and was told it was the wrong time of year for brisket so I used blade roast, as suggested by the butcher.  The meat needed a bit more flavour in my opinion.  I don't usually like canned chipotles so I made my own concoction as I had some adobo cubes and added a bit of dried chipotle for spice and flavouring and then I reduced on the stove to a thicker consistency, although not as thick as the one in the magazine.

All and all everyone loved them!

Tamarind Grilled Chicken
Tamarind Grilled Chicken3.04 MB
"brisket"3.13 MB
Chicken and brisket at the table
Chicken and brisket at the table2.65 MB
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tamarind chicken (post #71421, reply #14 of 26)

Hey kitchengoddess, check out the reviews of the tamarind chicken-- the first two reviewers found it bland!

I can't figure out how this recipe could have yielded a bland result!  Old spices?  Low-salt soy sauce?  What do you think?


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Tacos... (post #71421, reply #16 of 26)

Always the best...Sam's has brisket.  Idiots, brisket is big in the summer, what the heck?

Shrimp_Tacos.JPG1.56 MB
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options (post #71421, reply #17 of 26)

Pie, I am glad you decided to try the chicken tacos.  I thought they were very good.  I have NO idea how someone could find them bland.  The chilli rub gave them so much spice and flavour.  I wonder if they forgot to add the rub before grilling them?

ICD, I had never tried to buy a brisket but I am now learning that certain cuts are only available at certain times...oh well, better plan ahead next time.

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Dinner time (post #71421, reply #7 of 26)

Had this for dinner last night and OMG this is so good.  I was too lazy to shred the cheese so those are the chunks you see that look like garlic.

Has anyone else tried to make any of the tomato recipes?

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tomatoes! (post #71421, reply #8 of 26)

Hey kitchengoddess!  I haven't tried that one, but it is high on my list-- we are just getting tomatoes in our CSA box, so the first few got munched very fast!  This weekend we should get more.  

Do you remember SallyBR from the "old" CT?  She has a very good blog and she also loved this recipe:

It looks wonderful, thanks for the recommendation!  We've been traveling to visit relatives, but I expect to get back to some serious cooking (i.e., something other than ice pops) when we get back home tomorrow.  I'm ready!


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Try it! (post #71421, reply #9 of 26)

I think you'll like it.  Although I am afraid I am going to run out of asiago because I just keep eating it straight from the fridge :P

I wanted to also make the provolone recipe but they had no provolone at the market, next week.

I finally found a friend that has popsicle molds so I will be trying the popsicles in the next week or so.  I have been on such an FC kick, I am loving it.

Hope you had a good time away.

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time to cook! (post #71421, reply #10 of 26)

Okay, I have the chicken thighs marinating in tamarind soda/soy sauce/garlic and a bunch of friends coming over for tacos and beer tomorrow.  We're supposed to get a bumper crop of tomatoes in the farm box tomorrow too-- so I'm ready for the gratineed tomatoes next.  Thanks for the inspiration kitchengoddess!

Also, we have a new ice pop flavor in the freezer-- creamy mandarin orange with vanilla.  I must confess that I've been buying the packaged fruit pulp from Goya, which is  really good and just the right amount for a recipe of ice pops.  


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Popsicles-Adult version (post #71421, reply #11 of 26)

I finally got Popsicle molds and as promised made the Bittersweet Bourbon version from FC, different for sure and would be fun for Kentucky Derby party.  I've been cooking a lot and finally got to make shrimp tacos last week.    The tomatoes look fantastic and I have made tomato everything this summer as my tomato crop was wonderful, at last the vines are pretty bare and I have to buy from the vegetable stands.  One of my favorites dishes is Tomatoes Provencal, Jacques Pepin's recipe or Julia's, but most often Jacques so I am inclined to try the baked provolone, yummy gooey, has anyone tried it yet?  I have made several sauces, some for the freezer and certainly plenty of fresh, but DH's favorite of the summer is a grilled panzanella salad, all the veggies are grilled, but the tomatoes are just small ones halved or big ones cut into wedges.  Perfect as I was overwhelmed with peppers as well. 

I made a batch of lovely caponata for a party last night, just noticed the eggplant article in the current issue.  My figs don't look too promising, might get a late crop of twenty or so if the birds don't get them.  The fig cobbler caught my eye though.  When I can get the Calimyrna figs, plump and juicy, I make an appetizer that my daughter made this summer, halved figs spread with a little Gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto, grill for a few minutes...The store ran out of them last week and I wanted to taste them with a fig balsamic that I bought.  Maybe next week.

I'm ready for some fall food...I hope you all had a good summer, I kept busy with the kids visiting and jut having fun.  I have tons of tomato pictures and at my age they are good reminders of good food that I made.  I finally got fed up with MasterCook and purchased the Living Cookbook and I'm in the process of recovering hundreds of MC files that will not transfer, copy and paste time. 

So what's cooking 4 tonight?  I'm thinking grilled pizza and I have to plan our Sunday dinner (Italian), I need to get back into the menu planning again.

Panzanella.jpg484.66 KB
Tomato_Gratin.jpg290.81 KB
DSC_6490_Chicken_Ragu_2.JPG2.07 MB
Summer_tomatoes_and_peppers_2.jpg311.79 KB
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tomatoes! (post #71421, reply #12 of 26)

Hi ICD!  That is some great cooking you have been doing!  Did you try the chocolate bourbon pops-- I was eyeing that recipe, but I'm not sure if I can get away with an adults-only ice pop recipe.  Glad you had a good time with the grandkids.

kitchengoddess, those tamarind chicken thighs were a huge hit-- I had a "tacos and beer" party.  Like you, I didn't bother making my own tortillas-- too much work when I can get calientes fresh in the market.  Anyway, the chicken was delicious-- smoky and garlicy, with a great taste from the marinade and spice rub.  The tomatoes from my CSA need a few days to ripen, then I will try the gratineed tomato recipe too.  Yum!


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Popsicles-Adult version (post #71421, reply #13 of 26)

I had one, and the jury is still out as they should be in certain cases, but I'll get back to you on this one.

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chocolate bourbon pops (post #71421, reply #15 of 26)

ICD, I look forward to hearing your verdict (guilty!).  I will probably have to try this one-- I love chocolate dishes that do not include dairy, as I find the milk/cream/cream cheese tends to mute the chocolate flavor in recipes such as chocolate cheesecake, etc.


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drooling (post #71421, reply #18 of 26)

Your tomato dishes look awesome! this is the second summer in a row that I have intentions of making panzanella but haven't made it there yet.

So much yummy produce at our local farmer's market, it is so hard to budget and decide each week what to buy.  They had italian plums this week.  I am hosting a baby shower for a friend so I think I'll make barefoot contessa's plum tart and a baked pasta and spinach dish as my contributions for the potluck dinner.

Glad you've had a good summer.  I hear you about getting back to meal planning.  A lot of my meals this summer have been so simple, just whatever I can throw on the bbq.

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cobbler! (post #71421, reply #19 of 26)

I roasted a chicken for dinner tonight and made the brown-butter orzo from the Make it Tonight section-- that was easy and delicious, with the butter and cheese.  

I also made one of the skillet cobblers for dessert-- that was really good.  I had a bunch of Costco blueberries, which were rejected as too sour to eat out of hand, so I made the blueberry-pluot filling, but I topped it with the buttermilk biscuits.    All I had was a 14-inch skillet, but the recipe called for a 10-inch, so I added a bit more fruit.   

I have made a lot of cobblers, but this one was superior. The biscuits were perfect-- light, with great texture from the cornmeal, plus nicely soaked with juice but not gummy.  I think putting the biscuits on the hot filling made them set better.  The blueberry-pluot is a great combination too-- I like a mixture of fruit.  The skillet makes a great cobbler-- the fruit spreads out and reduces a bit, and the biscuits have plenty of space.  Easy too!  It made a lot-- breakfast is served!  


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that looks good! (post #71421, reply #21 of 26)

So glad you tried the orzo dish.  That one is on my list but I haven't gotten around to it.

did you use the Pluot?  I have never seen that either at the grocery store or at the farmer's market so I'm not sure if we get them.  They look really close to plums.  I would like to make one of the cobbler recipes but I haven't decided which one.

I also made the Vietnamese Style Rice Noodle salad for a work meeting last week but I didn't take a picture :(  That was really good!

I like all these posts, it looks like we are getting back into the groove.

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pluots (post #71421, reply #22 of 26)

Hey kitchengoddess,

Pluots are a cross between an apricot and a plum-- I did find some at my market and they are tasty on their own.  You could substitute plum, apricot, peach, or whatever-- I think the fruit part would work well with substitutions!  

Your provolone dish sounds great, as does the Vietnamese noodle salad-- great posts!


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Provolone and tomato goodness (post #71421, reply #20 of 26)

I made the baked provolone with tomato last night as I went to a friend's house for drinks.  It was so yummy! the cheese melted so stringy and the because I was going after work I had had the tomato soaking in the olive oil and spices all day which just made it even that much more flavourful.

The photo is from my phone so I'm sorry it is not the best.  There was only bite of this dish left and I think that was only because we ran out of baguette!

Provolone and tomato
Provolone and tomato427.06 KB
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Return of the skillet cobblers (post #71421, reply #23 of 26)

Ha, I can dig up old threads too!

I'm resurrecting this old thread because I made another one of those skillet cobblers from the Abby Dodge article in this issue-- what a great technique. I made the plum cobbler:

because I had a Costco-sized box of plums that were mostly too tart to eat! I was going to make the plum clafoutis from the new issue, but it was too much work for today. Then I remembered the skillet cobblers. I love this technique because the fruit gets a head start on cooking and therefore the biscuits cook better on the bottom. I skipped the lavender because I hate the smell of lavender-- like laundry and closets, not food.

It came out great-- and so easy. The biscuits were especially easy, just whirred up in the food processor.

Cheers, Jen

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Cobblers et al (post #71421, reply #24 of 26)

I loved a peach and blueberry crisp/cobbler/crumble that I have made lately and I, as you well know need to make more individual sized versions of everything.  I did and not only were they pretty, but delicious.  Will post later.  Busy month or two here with kids etc.

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crisp (post #71421, reply #25 of 26)

Ooh, I love that crisp.  Have fun with the kids-- my daughter and I are about to descend on my parents too-- August must be grandparent month!

Cheers, Jen

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Crisp and Grands (post #71421, reply #26 of 26)

Well, my grands having been here for 3 weeks will be leaving on Friday, but the good news is that my daughter is in the process of relocating to DC so they will be just up the road for a change. While I have loved traveling out to Arizona and Idaho over the years, it is tough with all the airlines' changes and prices so DC will be a short 6 hours or a 5 hour train ride away for me now.

I have all the makings for the crisp making it tomorrow.  I went to our blueberry festival and have numerous pounds of them in the freezer to have all year long.