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Fine Cooking 111

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I just got the magazine in the mail, but haven't opened it yet.  But the cover strawberry shortcake, WOWW!!!!!

Anyone else get theirs yet?


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:( (post #71311, reply #1 of 37)

As usual it wil probably be a few weeks before I get mine :(  Let me know what you try.  I just the preview of the photo on the main page and I think it looks very much like summer

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Rice pudding! (post #71311, reply #2 of 37)

I made the rice pudding today and it was really good, although my daughter decided she prefers tapioca.  I have never been good with rice pudding-- once in college I used cooked rice and didn't realize it was a pilaf with celery and onions, until after the pudding was made, yikes.  Anyway, this recipe was really easy and yielded creamy results-- and not too sweet.  I will be having the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!

The whole issue looks good-- I can't wait to try the cover recipe, I love strawberry shortcake.  The shortcake is one of the classic/update features-- kitchengoddess, I won't spoil the surprise for what the update is, let me know what you think when you get it!  


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Yum! (post #71311, reply #3 of 37)

I'll let you know when it arrives.  My favourite rice pudding recipe is an FC recipe from some time ago. I'll have to try this one and compare.

Strawberry shortcake is different in Canada than in the US.  I may make that recipe but I can't call it shortcake or my testers will be confused/disappointed LOL!

I hope it will come in the next week as then I'll be away for 5 days up at the cottage for Victoria Day, and I always enjoy taking it with me to figure out what else I can make while I have the time.

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fine cooking 111 (post #71311, reply #4 of 37)

I had to take a break from Fine Cooking after cook the issue.  I don't think I even opened the issue with the pot pie on the cover!  But I got this issue the other day and there are a bunch of recipes in it that I want to try.  I am doing the tea-crusted fried chicken, the watermelon-shrimp salad, the bacon-leek souffle, and the grilled chicken with potatoes this week.

For lunch today my husband and I took a cue from the "bring your lunch to work" article and had the marinated goat cheese, baguette, almonds, and an apple for lunch.  We have bento boxes that we use for transporting lunches to work and this was a satisfying option.

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Fine Cooking 111 (post #71311, reply #5 of 37)

I have maintained a little cooking challenge enthusiasm by participating a little over at Food 52 and while I know not one soul, it's a nice place and some fantastic recipes can be found.  So if you want to take a look

No I'm no defecting, just having a little fun and I might add that the cooks/chefs there are heads above me in the kitchen and I learn a lot, interesting group. 

At first glance I like the new FC issue, but with all the seasonal work around here, it is tough to plan much, but first chance I get I'm all about that salmon recipe, and we are not big salmon eaters at all so I'll call a couple of friends that love it to come over and test the recipe, I have cedar planks in the grill box, at least for two years now.  I love the meatless Monday recipe!

I love my grill/grills,cookers/smokers and have used the rotisserie a lot so far this spring, great in hot weather.  So far I've done chickens and a wonderful porchetta recipe from food 52 (oven recipe, but fantastic on the rotisserie).  I'll dig it up if anyone is interested, actually I think that there are two to choose from on the site and I'm going to make the FC turkey version this week.

Gretchen needs to put her pulled pork and BBQ sauce there when they are looking for pork or BBQ recipes, we all know that recipe is a total winner (made more sauce last night for ribs).

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That is a reallly really nice (post #71311, reply #7 of 37)

That is a reallly really nice site. Thanks.  Do you have to register? I don't see any place to do it and didn't "do" anything to post anything so maybe then it would come up. Good looking stuff on a VERY nicely designed site.

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Just register I'm sure and login (post #71311, reply #8 of 37)

I bookmarked the page so I am logged in at each visit.  Upper right corner should say Sign up.The usual stuff required and as much or as little information that you want to provide of course.  Like I said they are heads above me I think, but still fun to participate and it is a very easy place to get around in, would be nice to know someone there.

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Cruising through recipes (post #71311, reply #15 of 37)

I have a little time to cruise through some of the recipe entries for this weeks contest, some really good and simple things like the blood orange salad.  The tomato soup with paprika looks good and I'll remember that come tomato overload time.

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Tea-Crusted Fried Chicken with Pickled Green Beans+ Shallots (post #71311, reply #6 of 37)

I made this for dinner the other night.  It was really delicious!  The pickles had a touch too much salt for my liking, but when you ate a bite of pickle with a bite of chicken, it balanced out.  Next time I think I would use 2 tbsp. salt instead of 3. 

The tea crust was really unique--it almost tasted like the chicken had bacon in it somehow.  Leftovers were great chopped up and served over a bed of arugula and cherry tomatoes for lunch the next day.

I'd make this one again.

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Tea crusted fried chicken (post #71311, reply #9 of 37)

That caught my eye, thanks for the review.

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shortcake and chickpea burgers (post #71311, reply #10 of 37)

Okay, let's see if I can post this without triggering the stupid spam filter.  I made both, they were both big hits.  For the shortcake, the biscuits were the best I ever made-- not flaky, but so tender and tasty.  

For the chickpea burgers, I pan-fried them-- they were so crumbly, I can't imagine grilling them.  But they were really good-- even the kid really enjoyed them.  They are definitely going in my easy-weeknight-fast rotation.  


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Chickpea burgers (post #71311, reply #11 of 37)

Here's a photo of the dressed chickpea burger.  I had a burger re-heated in the toaster oven for lunch today and it was still quite good.  

Anyone try any other recipes from 111?


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Spaghetti with Grilled Ratatouille (post #71311, reply #12 of 37)

I had forgotten how much I like ratatouille!  This recipe was fast and easy, and had great flavor.  When I first started cooking the vegetables covered every inch of my grill and I thought it was going to make too much food, but once everything was cooked it made four generous servings.   You don't even need the pasta--on its own this would be an excellent dinner with some crusty bread. I used Bulgarian feta for the cheese.  This recipe is going into the regular summer rotation.

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Grilled Chicken and Potatoes with Tomato and Cucumber Salad (post #71311, reply #13 of 37)

Another winner from issue 111!  I marinated the chicken in the vinaigrette for a couple of hours before grilling, just because I had the time to do so, but it's probably not necessary.  I did not use the foil method for the potatoes, and instead cooked them in a cast iron skillet on the grill.  This gave the potatoes a nice crust.  I added some haloumi cheese to the potatoes, just because I had it in the fridge, and those are the grilled pitas from issue #105 on the left of the photo.   A very satisfying and easy dinner.  I am looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch on Monday.

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grilling... (post #71311, reply #14 of 37)

liamsaunt, those both look great-- I love the crust on the potatoes!   Mmm, grilled pitas!


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Cedar Planked Lemon Pepper Salmon (post #71311, reply #16 of 37)

This was a big hit over the weekend.  The seasoning on the fish was the tastiest I have used--typically I do a maple glaze on planked salmon but I really enjoyed the peppery bite. 

I pulled the salmon at 135 as suggested by the recipe and it was very moist but a little overcooked for my taste.  I think next time I would pull it at 125-130.

I didn't make the horseradish-chive sauce and really didn't miss it.

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salmon (post #71311, reply #17 of 37)

I do want to try that salmon-- I just need to get the planks!  Thanks for the tip on temperature!

We had two more winners from FC:

Yesterday was the chicken cutlets with bell pepper ragout from the chicken breast article-- that was a big hit with the kid, because the cutlets are kid-friendly and the sauce can be served on the side.  She is all about de-constructed food.  I served it over pasta, which went well with the sauce.  I think my capers were not drained enough, or maybe I put too many in the pan, as they were just kind of oily.  

Today we had the Vietnamese-style beef from the Make it Tonight section-- I used what my beef lady calls "kabob meat" and it turned out tasty, just a little pink in the middle, with a very savory sauce.  I loved the onions too-- they were just a bit sweet.  The stirfry was great by itself, but a little squirt of Sriachria really made it sing!  liamsaunt, I think this recipe would work with either tofu or chicken too-- especially if you seared the tofu so it got a little crust, yum.

It's great to be cooking new things again, but without the every-night-or-else intensity.  Hmm, what's next for New Recipe Friday?


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At last (post #71311, reply #18 of 37)

I finally got my copy in the mail on the 20th!!! but btwn painting my kitchen cabinets (not something I am looking forward to doing again in the near future) and going away for a long weekend I hadn't had a chance to delve into the cooking.

I have photos which I am hoping to post tonight.  I loved the salmon!!!

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salmon (post #71311, reply #19 of 37)


I'm looking forward to seeing your photos-- my daughter is excited about the salmon recipe, but I haven't gotten the planks yet.


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No planks needed (post #71311, reply #20 of 37)

Well, I don't have cedar planks either.  I probably could've borrowed one from a friend but didn't think of it until it was too late.  I did the rub and then roasted the salmon, then made a warm bean salad with a lemon vinaigrette to go with it.

I also made the chicken with the roasted vegetables and the korean beef.  The chicken and veggies needed a little something extra for little kick of flavour.   I had left over roasted vegetables so I made an awesome sandwich of feta, roasted vegetables and avocado! YUM!!

I loved making new recipes and getting back into the FC groove.  I just wish some of the vegetable portions in some of the dishes were bigger or that it was a whole with the beef, is the vegetable supposed to be only the onions??? because I need way more veggies than that! :)

FC_111_001.jpg1.81 MB
FC_111_002.jpg1.8 MB
FC_111_006.jpg1.79 MB
FC_111_009.jpg2.46 MB
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salmon! (post #71311, reply #21 of 37)

kitchengoddess, your salmon looks great-- were you playing with the light angle in the photographs?  Your plating is beautiful!  I love the idea of un-planked salmon.

Is the beef that Vietnamese style stir-fry from the make-it tonight section-- I added a simple steamed veg, so simple I forgot what!  That beef was really tasty and easy.


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Un-planked (post #71311, reply #22 of 37)

Yes, I read the article you posted (not thoroughly though) and have been trying new things.  Thanks for the compliment on the plating...I do that just for you guys (remember that these are my lunches and they get packed in containers so the photos wouldn't be as pretty).

The beef is the stir-fry, I am having that for lunch today so I will report back later on how I liked it.  The couple of pieces I tried while making it were awesome.  I am having chayote with it...don't know what it is called in English and I can't find anyone that can tell me the name in english either  one of my favourite vegetables but hard to find in Canada.


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It's just called chayote in (post #71311, reply #23 of 37)

It's just called chayote in our stores.

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chayote!? (post #71311, reply #24 of 37)

As Gretchen said, I have seen it as chayote in stores here in Chicago too.  So, what the heck do you do with it?  Do you peel it?  Is that a pit in the middle?  I have always wondered about it.

Well, your plating and photos look great-- too funny that your next step is to smush it into a container!


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Yep, Chayote (post #71311, reply #25 of 37)

My mom always used to steam it or boil it and serve it either warm or cold with lime juice and salt.  You want to buy a "young" chayote because those you don't have to peel. 

Here's what I do:

-Cut in half lenghtwise then depending on the size cut into quarters (about 1 1/2 inch cubes)

-leave the pit in, is not a pit, it is the seed as far as I know and it is yummy!!

-then boil until tender, you want it to be firm but cooked through - sort of like a beet

- squeeze the juice of 1/2 lime on it and sprinkle with salt

if the skin is too thick to eat then just peel it off the skin with your fork or as you bite down (like you would on a mango). TA DA!  not really complicated.  This is the ONLY way we ate it so I have no other suggestions.  I do love the stuff though.  I hope you try it.

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un-planked salmon (post #71311, reply #26 of 37)

kitchengoddess, I tried the un-planked salmon last night and it was a big hit, even with my fish-averse midwestern husband.  I really like the lemon-pepper marinade.  I just baked it in my enameled gratin dish-- I didn't come across any cedar planks.  Plus I think the cedar might remind me of the cedar chip bedding we used to use for my pet gerbil when I was a kid!  

Mmm, can't decide what's next... 


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You can get cedar planks at (post #71311, reply #27 of 37)

You can get cedar planks at Home Depot. Just make sure they are untreated wood. CHEAP, instead of teh $7each variety sold in Kitchen stores. DS gave me a stack for Christmas one time.  It has a lovely subtle flavor.

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No gerbil required (post #71311, reply #28 of 37)

HA! that is too funny about the gerbil memory.  I know, they are just fine without!!  I am sure the cedar planks would add a smoky flavour that would add to the salmon but hey now you have 2 ways to make the same salmon! :)

I made the tea crusted chicken last night and will be having for lunch tomorrow...the pickled vegetables were yummy!  I love these recipes that include a side dish!!!!

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side dish (post #71311, reply #29 of 37)

I like the side dish recipes too-- during the challenge I felt like they were twice the work for one "credit" but now, all is good.  

I thought I had cooked everything I wanted from this issue, but my daughter persuaded me to get a big box of blackberries at Costco-- then, in typical kid fashion, she decided they were too sour.  So I decided to make the blackberry flavored water.  I didn't have sage, so I used mint, which was okay-- a bit grassy.  The water is really good-- it is not particularly sweet, but very drinkable-- good thing too, as we are having a major heat wave here in Chicago.  

I thought it might be nice with some lemon or lime juice, but I think the acid would make me want to add more sugar.  And if it was sweet and acic, I would just want to add some gin!  I bet it would be great with sparkling water instead of plain.  Next time-- I still have a lot of berries.

Has anyone considered the fruit leather?


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Fruit leather is in the plans (post #71311, reply #30 of 37)

I grew up with flavoured waters.  My mom would just whip up melon water, cucumber (before FC came up with its version), pineapple...all kinds.  I love them.  I agree about the gin! boy that could be a downward spiral.

Fruit leather is definitely in the plans but that I will probably leave for next month once things settle down a bit, I have been so busy.

I tried the fried chicken with the pickled vegetables today, WOW! that was good.  And I made the chickpea burgers too (no photo though), I messed up and pureed the whole can, so I was hesitant to grill them and fried them instead.  They held up pretty good and they were yummy.  My friend really enjoyed hers :)