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Fine Cooking 110

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Anyone seen the new issue yet?  I have not looked at the new recipes coming out online-- I am rather looking forward to this first issue that is not covered by the Cook the Issue challenge!  So I can browse, rather than plan an attack!


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Issue 110 (post #71101, reply #1 of 17)

The pot pies caught my eye, but I must admit that the one from Fine Cooking issue 13 is a big favorite around here.  I'll check out the other recipes as well before I get a list together for the store, let me know what you decide to make for starters.  I'm busy with appointments for most of the week so I'm not sure what to plan until Friday.

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I got mine yesterday and have (post #71101, reply #2 of 17)

I got mine yesterday and have a couple things tabbed to include the updated pot pie with the piped mashed potatoes, the cucumber trout salad and the pancake muffin things.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Now I will have to go take a look (post #71101, reply #5 of 17)

Adele, I'll have to open the magazine while I have lunch.  The pot pie caught my eye, but now I need to see the updated recipe.

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Not for a while (post #71101, reply #3 of 17)

My magazine won't arrive for a while so I will look forward to your reviews to help me decide what to try.  I think the last time I got my magazine at least 2 weeks after you guys did.

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Magazine Extras (post #71101, reply #4 of 17)

I have been to busy to sit and read it yet, maybe today, but remember magazine extras?  Lots of previews etc. I just made everything for corned beef, just cooling the brine and I will be curious to see, read, and compare recipes.  Maybe you can find something here at the extras until your magazine comes in the mail.

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surprise! (post #71101, reply #6 of 17)

I know...but I love the surprise of getting my magazine in the mail.  If I look at the extras ahead of time I feel cheated...

Oh wait, are the extras actually IN the magazine?

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Magazine extras (post #71101, reply #7 of 17)

I'm sure they are from the magazine.  It will be days before I get around to making anything from the magazine since I won't get a weekly menu done until Friday or Sunday.  I am going make a chicken pot pie, but the other one that I mentioned earlier.

I am working on St. Patrick's Day dinner, brined corned beef and will serve with the usual suspects, but one or two guests really don't care for corned beef, so now I have added a Shepherd's pie to the menu as I have to use a piece of lamb in the freezer.

My DH doesn't eat lamb but loves Shepherd's pie and I'll be curious to see if he samples it not knowing the lamb is in it...

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Thai curry (post #71101, reply #8 of 17)

I think I am a bit Fine-Cooking-ed-out after the Challenge, only a few things in the new issue caught my eye.  Today I made one of the curries-- yellow curry tofu with string beans and carrots.  It was great and SO EASY.  Fast too-- like 20 minutes max.  I used yellow because it was touted as the mildest and I wanted a chance that the kid would eat it.  She didn't like the tofu simmered in the curry, but she liked dipping rice into the sauce.  I sauteed the tofu a bit before putting it into the sauce to give it a little golden color and saved some plain tofu for the kid.  Anyway, this curry business was really good-- a perfect weeknight supper.


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Macarons (post #71101, reply #9 of 17)

Okay, I just ordered almond flour from King Arthur flour-- my daughter and I just watched the video and we're going to make the macarons.  Or the almond flour is going to sit around my pantry until it goes rancid-- but Joann Chang made the macarons look so easy!  We have some gluten-free friends and this looks perfect for them too.

Big question, what flavor?  


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Macarons... (post #71101, reply #10 of 17)

....are in the oven!  The batter was really tasty-- not too sweet.  I'm going to fill them with plum jam, and some with chocolate ganache.  


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YUM! (post #71101, reply #11 of 17)

I hope they turned out ok.  I made the smoked trout on a bed of cucumbers dish.  It was delicious.  I did take a photo, I'll post it tonight hopefully.

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Macarons! (post #71101, reply #12 of 17)

Hi kitchengoddess,

Well, I forgot to turn the oven down to 300, plus I was using convection, so they got a little brown, but they turned out great anyway-- I was surprised by how easy they were to make.  They were really tasty too-- kind of chewy and crunchy, which I love.  If you decide to make them, definitely watch the video.  Check out my little photo-- not all of them had such lovely "feet", so this is my "typical best".  This one has plum jam inside.

Thanks for reporting back on that trout salad-- I have had my eye on that one, as I love smoked fish.  That whole brunch menu sounds great.  

It took a couple of months for me to recuperate from Cook the Issue mania, but now I am ready to make a few more recipes from the new issue!  My husband caught a glimpse of the Chicken Pot Pie recipe and was very excited, so that may be next.  What's next on your agenda?


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Photos (post #71101, reply #13 of 17)

Here are the photos.  I would highly recommend it.  And it come together so easy too.  Now, because of my limited budget I substitute home made yogurt for the creme fraiche.  I am sure the creme fraiche would've made the recipe over the top and so delicious but it was just too much of a splurge for me.

smoked_trout_002.jpg2.77 MB
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Craime Fraiche (post #71101, reply #14 of 17)

I thought that I had replied, but I can't find it???  At any rate there are some homemade creme fraiche recipes online and not expensive to make, I do this all of the time and most recently for corned beef and beef tenderloin sauce, mustard, I think.  I have used buttermilk when I have it, but the last time I only had sour cream and i9t came out very nice and does keep for a couple of weeks.

I was looking at a recipe for smoked trout salad in Bon Appetit that looked interesting with spring greens and aioli, might give that a try this week. 

Your salad looks great!

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I had NO idea (post #71101, reply #15 of 17)

WOW!!! that is super.  I had no idea.  Next time whipping cream is on sale I'll try this out.  I LOVE craime fraiche but the price is astronomical.

Thanks so much for this info.

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Creme Fraiche recipe (post #71101, reply #16 of 17)

Nicole Rees authored this recipe in a fine Cooking issue a few years ago.


I've used it several time with great success.

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salt-crusted trout (post #71101, reply #17 of 17)

I found a really nice golden trout at the fish market today, so I decided to try salt-crusting it.  It came out great-- the fish was perfectly cooked and really moist, even my husband liked it.  My daughter also had a ton of fun helping me make the crust, mushing it on, and whacking it when it was done.  I posted some photos over in the gallery and a couple below.  

For the Challenge, there was one article about oil-poaching fish-- that was okay, but then you had a quart of fishy oil to dispose of.  This one uses a lot of kosher salt, which is kind of a pain as my favorite brand (Diamond) requires a special trip to a different store.  Still, the salt-crusting gave much better results-- the fish was just as moist, but tastier.  

I wonder if fish in parchment (en papillote?) would work similarly, or if the salt really does more than seal in the fish.  

Anyway, I recommend this recipe, especially if you have a child who needs amusing.


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