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FC 114: Adventures in Lasagne!

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It seems like I had barely cooked anything from FC 113 when the next issue landed in my mailbox.  The "Lasagne from Scratch" article immediately tickled my fancy-- since I skipped Biba's tortellini in the Challenge, I have had a hankering to try making homemade pasta.  Unfortunately, I had given away my pasta machine, an old hand-cranked beast that never worked very well.  Based on some enabling by Gretchen over in CTC, I scored a pasta roller attachment for my KA (flames still look good!) and I'm glad I did-- so much easier than hand-cranking.

I made the lasagne last night and it turned out great.  My kid decided to help out and she was a total whiz at rolling pasta-- easy enough for a first-grader!   We used some of the pasta to make heart-shaped ravioli, which she loved.  The lasagne came out great-- wow, what a difference between homemade noodles (so light and delicate, assimilating into the lasagne) and store-bought (thick and doughy).  And what a fun family project!  

Next time, butternut squash and goat cheese, as I still have a ton of squash from my CSA box.

Anyone else cooking from Issue 114?  Every time I look at the salad article, my mouth waters-- I think endive and watercress salad with apples and herbs is on my list next.


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Lasagna and Biba'sTortellini (post #71553, reply #1 of 8)

Well we both know how my tortellini went, but I can vouch for a good homemade lasagna noodles etc.  I'm tempted to make the lasagna, but with Thanksgiving so close, I am otherwise occupied with prep and other dinners. 

I do have all of the ingredients for the lasagna and two other recipes that I love besides our "family's version" so it is sounding pretty good for dinner out in Idaho in December. 

I love the KA pasta attachments, greatly underused in this house. 

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Lasagne (post #71553, reply #2 of 8)

I have been dying to talk to someone about the lasagne in the current issue.  I made the both the cheese and the meat versions, and yes, I want to try the butternut squash recipe because of my overloaded winter vegetable CSA box!! What a coincidence!!!  Did you actually make the pasta by hand?  I make homemade pasta using the cusinart, and it is so much easier.  I was wondering if there could possibly be a difference in the outcome. However, cooking those noodles was almost a joke, I mean, it took hours to dip them in the boiling water, fish them out, put them in the ice bath, run them under the cold water, wring them out, and then lay them on the special towel that had no fabric softener!!! But all the work was worth it.  I served both lasagnes for my mom's 94th birthday party.  People just could not believe it.  I am a good cook, but this really put me over the top!!!

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lasagne (post #71553, reply #3 of 8)

Hey Carol1945--  Wow, that must have been awesome, two different lasagnes.  Happy 94th to your mom!

As for the pasta, how do you make it in the Cuisinart?  Do you still need to knead it through the rollers a million times?  I did do the flour pile method, but am always up for an easier way!  I agree that the boiling was hard-- and I think I overcooked my noodles a little.  My little first-grade helper is off school next week, so this would be a great project to keep her busy-- she totally loved using the pasta rollers!

Squash lasagne sounds like a great plan for the new year-- I have a ton of squash from my CSA too!

Cheers, Jen

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Pasta in cuisinart (post #71553, reply #6 of 8)

I still cannot figure out how this discussion board works, oh well, I did not know you answered my post.

 I want to answer yours. The recipe is in Sunset's pasta book.  It is so easy it is ridiculous. You put the flour, salt, and egg in the cuisinart and mix them up. Then you put the water in the little dribble hole and it dribbles down while the the thing is going. You keep it going until it starts rocking and you think you are going to break the machine.  When it forms a ball in the cuisinart, you are done. Yes, you still put it ten times throught the #1 roller.  If you want, I can scan the actual real recipe and upload it to here.

I still have not done the squash lasagne yet, but the butternut sq. stays fresh for quite a while.

Tonight I plan to make the spinach and gorgonola and walnut penne.  Will let you know how it turns out.

How was the duck?

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duck and pasta (post #71553, reply #8 of 8)

Hi Carol!

Hey, I answered you in the other thread!  Yeah, the "new" function in this forum is a bit wonky.  In the top left, right under your screen name, you can click on "new posts" or "new replies"-- that will give you the new stuff.

Anyway, the duck was amazingly good and super-easy.  My husband and 7-year-old devoured it while making "mm, mm" noises.  Last year, there were these beautiful Empress Plums on sale at my local market and I made a TON of plum jam, so this is good to use it up!

As for the pasta, that sounds great-- I looked around on the internet, is this the recipe:

Do you use semolina?


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Issue FC 114 (post #71553, reply #4 of 8)

I just made the pork chops with green chiles and onion.  Incredible. Have you tried it?  I want to cook everything in this issue (if possible)  even the ad recipes.  We will see.


Is there a way to email each other?

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cook the issue 114 (post #71553, reply #5 of 8)

Hi Carol1945!

Hey, the pork chops with green chile did sound good-- was it spicy, I am cooking for a spice-loving husband and a spice-averse 7-year-old.  Thank goodness for hot sauce!

Cheers, Jen

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Pork Chops (post #71553, reply #7 of 8)

They will be too spicy for a 7 year old,  but you could just leave the sauce off hers. Also leave the rub off.  I followed their directions precisely and bought "natural" pork from a goumet butcher. Oh my, the difference that made with the pork, it was smooth and buttery, in fact, I have never had pork chops this good.