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"Farm in a Box"

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A nice article about Customer Supported Agriculture (CSA) in today's Chronicle.

Funny coincidence, because we're starting our subscription again today after five months off. We aways stop for the same reason-you get SO much food it can be oppressive [insert sound of the world's smallest violin here.] But then I miss their incredible quality, so we start again. For instance, here's what $14. is going to get us today from Full Belly Farms. Mind you, they give you the huge amounts of each of these things-chances are each item is enough to serve four. Their lettuce alone can keep two people in salads for the week.



Young Carrots

Red Russian Kale


Young Lettuce

New Potatoes

Baby Spinach


Here's the second article-this is where the list of farms is:

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I love Full Belly Farms!!  What a great deal!  I'm a farmers mkt. groupie and they have started here now.  My refrigerator doesn't have a squre inch left in it. 

We are growing chard and it is really doing well with all the rain and cool weather.  I need a link to that chard discussion we had a while ago.  It's a good thing we love it.

Our garlic got teensy black bugs all over the leaves.  Weird.  We are fighting them with fireplace ashes. 

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne
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Full Belly Farms is starting to deliver the boxes to the Tuesday Bekeley farner's market. Their rationale is that many of their members sshop them anyway, and that way you could pick up your box and buy whatever else you wanted in "one-stop shopping." Maybe you could get them to bring you a box?

I love Farmer's Markets, too. Regretably, there is NO market that is open on a day and time we are off and in town. Occasionally, we are driving back from the coast early enough to catch the San Rafael Market (closes at one) or the Jack Londen Square Market (closes at two.) Wednesdaysappear to the farmer's universal day off-even the Ferry Building is not going to have a market on Wednesdays. Soon though, we are going to take a little ferry trip to check out the new shops. Here's the link to this newly refurbished space in case anyone is interested. (It has pictures) AP and I are not the only two Bay Area residents with a food obsession!!!

Note to Michael-you must plan on visiting this. You can catch a ferry here while you are at it.