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Duck! (post #25211)

Actually duck sausage. Does anyone have a good T&T recipe, or a book (or URL) to recommend? I'm looking particularly for a good, salami-type duck sausage

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Now I don't know how happy you will be with this recipe because it makes 10 lbs. Pare it down, perhaps, or make the full quantity and freeze some...just think you can throw a few on the BBQ.

i The New Professional Chef,
one of the 3 books my S.O. had before my arrival.

c Duck Sausage

c 8 Oz. Shallots, chopped fine
c 1 Oz. Butter
c 1 Oz. Garlic, minced
c 24 Oz. Red Wine
c 6 lb. Duck Meat
c 3 lb. Fatback
c 1 tsp. Fresh Thyme, chopped
c 2 Tblsp. Fresh Sage, chopped
c 4 Tblsp. Fresh Parsley, chopped
c 1 Tblsp. Pepper, coarsely ground
c 3/8 Oz. Curing Salt
c 2 Oz. Salt
c 3/4 ounce Dextrose
c Sheep Casing (as needed)

Saute the shallots in butter...Add the garlic and red wine; reduce it until almost all the liquid is gone, to a syrup consistency. Grind the meat and fatback, using a fine die. Combine the meat, fat, shallot/garlic mixture, and spices and mix them together thoroughly.
i (At this point, I would saute a small quantity of it to test for seasoning, adjusting if necessary.)
Stuff the mixture into the sheep casing. Twist or tie it off at 4 to 5 inch intervals. Alternatively, you can form into patties. If not using right away, freeze on a cookie sheet, then transfer to a ziplock bag, store in freezer.

c (*) (*) (*)

You ask for a "salami" type sausage...Salami is dried. As far as drying duck sausage, I don't know what a safe procedure is, so you may have to chase that info down on a website for preserving...or one of our "Fellow Foodies" may know of a T&T procedure for curing sausage.

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Thanks, Chiff -- you're right, that is quite a quantity of sausage! But it sounds *so* good! I'll make about half a batch.

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Duck Sausage


An interesting duck sausage recipe can be found at Harvey Goodhart's
Sausage Faktory
website in his database of sausage recipes. Along with recipes, you will find tips to ease your way into quality
sausage making.