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Does anyone have a good recipe for ma...

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Need a recipe for beef jerky... My kids love the stuff.. I know it must be cheaper to make it at home.. Just looking for some tasty recipes.... Thanks for all your help.... Sunny

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Hi Sunny,

I've been doing this one for years (thanks, Mom!). It originally started with:

Set oven to lowest setting. (I've had good luck with an electric dehydrator, too--but it was harder to clean.)

flank steak, thinly sliced with the grain,

soaked in:

soy sauce, overnight, covered and refrigerated, turned at least once if the sauce no longer covers all the slices; or, add more soy.

Drain, and toss or press strips in a mix of garlic salt and lemon pepper. (This is the part I changed--I last used lemon zest, coarsely-ground black pepper, and fresh, minced and smashed garlic, plus, at times I have also used other peppers or their seeds; no salt, but, who knows, I might try it next time.)

Arrange wide-side down, close together, on a rack in a shallow baking pan.

Take a nap or whatever. You will want to turn them at least once, since without a butcher's saw (and, probably, having them frozen), you will not get total symmetry of width--which is part of what makes them *so* good--every now and again you get a thicker bite, and it is so tender and juicy.

* (kewl; type an asterisk and get a bullet)NOTE: You will know if the temperature is just right--hardly any juices escape far enough away from the meat to drip into the pan.

This ordeal takes about 8-16-24 hours, but it is easy, and worth it. Not only is it infinitely better than store-bought, you know it is made from natural substances (and you can control the quality of the meat), and, except for the fact that everyone will want to eat tons of it, would be a better bargain than those cellophane things at the checkout stand.

If there are other spices or flavorings that you love, I'm sure they would be a hit, too. I think it's the flank that is the best, 'tho. Anyone want to suggest a better cut?

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i Martha Stewart
had a guest on show Feb 17 who made beef jerky. The ingredients, instructions are on her website.

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I have a bunch of marinade recipes and jerky tips at

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I have a bunch of marinade recipes and jerky tips at