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Does anyone cook flanken on the grill?

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I do it that way most often--not enough meat, etc. for braising like short ribs. But marinated in dark soy, sugar, garlic and ginger and quickly grilled, we love them.

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Where we are now, I never see (post #67971, reply #1 of 15)

Where we are now, I never see flanken, but it's delicious meat. Am surprised that it's tender enough to grill, and assumed it had to be braised.

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I wouldn't call it tender, (post #67971, reply #2 of 15)

I wouldn't call it tender, but it is so thin that it is very tasty.

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Gretchen, what is flanken? (post #67971, reply #3 of 15)

Gretchen, what is flanken? Haven't heard of it before.

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It is a kind of short rib. It (post #67971, reply #5 of 15)

It is a kind of short rib. It is cut "somewhere" where the bones are fairly small, and instead of a "chunk" of short rib, it would be as if you cut the rib horizontally. I'll look for a picture and be back. Hopefully

There. That will be a lot better.

They have great flavor. The ones I fixed last night really thin. I had gotten them to tailgate with--good for a gnaw. But we didn't tailgate yesterday, so it was for dinner.
Made fried zucchini slices too--done properly with egg wash and panko and they were really good too.

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It is the short rib. They (post #67971, reply #10 of 15)

It is the short rib. They can be cut two ways: English cut, which is sectioned along a single rib, and flanken which is cross cut along numerous ribs but usually in thinner slices. I like both, and flanken is just great done with asian flavors.

Chicago-style deep-dish:  "Pizza for people who just aren't fat enough"
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Flanken is yiddesh...taken (post #67971, reply #4 of 15)

Flanken is yiddesh...taken from the short ribs, normally boiled or stewed and served with horseradish. To answer Gretchen I would par boil the flanken first to tenderize and to get out some of the fat and then yes you can grill them.

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The grill took care of the (post #67971, reply #6 of 15)

The grill took care of the fat. These wouldn't need parboiling--and really none of the others I have fixed do either. Our Asian noodle house fixes them grilled also.

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good to know...I grew up (post #67971, reply #7 of 15)

good to know...I grew up boiling first then using in a thick vegetable soup. Had to get the fat out before going in the soup and when cooked first and then cooked further in the soup the meat fell off the bones. Don't eat like that anymore.

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That sounds like it would be (post #67971, reply #8 of 15)

That sounds like it would be a good use for them, but a little pricey for the amount of final meat, I think.
Yeah, these were a bit of a "treat" for DH's diet too. But they do cook fast and I tried to choose some not so fatty (not easy!!).

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Yes, they certainly are (post #67971, reply #9 of 15)

Yes, they certainly are pricy, but oh so good in that thick soup.

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I'll have to check but isn't (post #67971, reply #11 of 15)

I'll have to check but isn't flanken like Maui ribs? Or Korean bul---I? Don't remember how to spell it.

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Not sure, but I think the (post #67971, reply #12 of 15)

Not sure, but I think the flanken cut is chunks of the ribs cut across three bones in pieces about 2" high. In the oriental store the other day I say them cut the same way, only about a quarter inch thick, bones and all. Going to get some one of these days, marinate them and then grill quickly and see what happens.


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Yes, as you describe (thin) (post #67971, reply #13 of 15)

Yes, as you describe (thin) is the way these are cut here. We don't seem to get the 2" thick variety, which might be better for the braising.
They are really tasty morsels

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I buy it quite often, it is (post #67971, reply #14 of 15)

I buy it quite often, it is labelled Korean style short ribs here. I marinade it in similar ingredients to you overnight. Put on the grill, 3 minutes a side and serve. It is one of the kids favourite meals.

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Dont boil if you grill (post #67971, reply #15 of 15)

Flanken is great on the grill. You have to marinade it. Asian style is best.  Combination of Soy, garlic, ginger, scallions, crushed red peppper, sesame oil, and something acidic likke pineapple juice or even better puree an asian pear.


Grillt hem for 3-4 minutes on each side and they will be vey tender and yummy.


You can also boli them for soup or just plain with horseradish sauce.