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Do you sift before or after measuring...

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What do you guys think?? Do you sift before or after measuring?? I have seen both ways. Nick Malgieri (How To Bake) says before. What have you heard? T

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Both, depending on the recipe. If it just says "one cup of sifted flour," I sift before measuring. If it says "one cup flour, sifted" it could be before or more likely after measuring. If the recipes say to mix the flour with several other dry ingredients, then sift, obviously you're supposed to sift after measuring. And if it doesn't mention sifting, I don't do it.

But then again, I'm just a paint chemist, not a REAL cook . . .

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(Nihon is as real a cook as any of us!)

Customarily, it's "sift before measuring." Sifting separates tightly packed flour and incorporates air, therefore, sifted flour takes up more room. Once sifted, spoon flour into measuring cup and
i don't pack it.

If the recipe states, "measure one cup flour, then sift" the author probably found out while developing the recipe that just over a cup of
i sifted
flour works optimally in the recipe.

When in doubt, sift
i before
measuring unless the recipe states otherwise.

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My opinion and experience: Nihon is right and Chiff is entitled to her opinion. Many good books however, will tell you in the front what method of measurement is presumed throughout.