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do you need oil for carmelized onions?

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do you need oil for carmelized onions? (post #71536)

My in-laws went vegan which is pretty awesome and for health reasons they also are oil/added fats-free. ( nuts and olives and stuff are fine, just no added processed oils or fats ). I love having them over for dinner and usually the oil free part takes just the littlest bit of working around but it's really no big deal. Anyways....I want to make something with carmelized onions.....anyone have experience doing this w/ out oil? Does it work ok? Any tips? I've done it before w/ oil just fine but never w/ out....
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I think you can try it oil (post #71536, reply #1 of 1)

I think you can try it oil free. Maybe add a bit of water as you go.  I find it hard to say that if you used 2TBS of olive oil for 4 onions--which IS possible--that that wouldn't be as close to fat free as possible.  Actually a totally fat free diet is not healthy either--you need some for vitamin absorption, etc.