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dec 11/Jan12 Issue

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I know the new issue of Fine Cooking came, but I am on a project to cook everything in the December issue.  I just did the pork chops with green chiles and onions. They were so incredibly good that I want to talk about this issue with others. Is anyone else doing recipes from this issue?

Am I posting this in the right place?  Please answer by email.  Thanks...

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Sorry (post #71593, reply #1 of 28)

Sorry I posted this twice, just learning this site.  Where would I write to suggest a forum topic that would feature each month's magazine? ---to discuss just the recipes in that specific magazine?  I was almost ready to cancel my subscription as an economy move. I have so many back issues, I could cook with them until the cow's come home.!!! But then with this December issue, I was just so utterly thrilled with the soup, the lasagne, the pork, I decided to continue my subscription. I think you could increase subscriptions if people could discuss particular issues.  It is really hard to find people who are cooking from the same issue. Thanks.

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They used to have a cook the (post #71593, reply #2 of 28)

They used to have a cook the issue project on the home page==particularly when they changed the magazine format and many felt that the magazine was not as good a cooking magazine as it had always been. I hear from another board (where all the people went who contributed to this board regularly and with gusto) that the current issue is pretty listless so there may be a real consistency problem.  But if you like recipes when they are in, that's great.

Pielove and several others were very active in the cook the issue projects.  I think the editor has changed since they did that also. Hasn't been done for a year or more, I think.

You are welcome to start the project here for sure. Maybe it would increase the traffic.  it's pretty much a dead letter place except for few and I know they would love to have you as a new constant contributor.

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cook the issue (post #71593, reply #4 of 28)

Hi Gretchen,

Yeah, I think that Cook the Issue project (can you believe it was in 2010) was linked with the magazine re-design-- and since then there is a new editor, Jennifer Armentrout.  JA has made some excellent changes in the magazine, basically removing some of the bad things about the re-design (too much photo real estate, type impossible to read).  Now if they would only do more ethnic food...

As for a project, I think Carol1945 is suggesting cooking from issue 114, the Dec/Jan issue.  As for the current issue, which is 115, I (as always) have found a lot of good stuff in there.  The raisin bread is amazing.

Cheers, Jen

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Cook the issue (post #71593, reply #3 of 28)

Hi Carol1945!

I will email you too, but also post here for general discussion.  

First, if you want to post without staring an entirely new topic, go to a post and click on the "Reply to Post" button-- then you will add on to an existing discussion.  Right now we have a bunch of discussions on the same issue-- some started by you, some by others.  I'll see if the Moderators can merge these!

Second, cooking an entire issue is tons of fun and I highly encourage you to try it!  Some time ago, Fine Cooking ran a Cook the Issue challenge and several of us cooked dozens of recipes from a year's worth of Fine Cooking.  We posted photos in the  gallery-- check out our pix:

If you're interested in cooking everything from issue 114, that would be cool-- I will play along and cook a bunch of things!  kitchengoddess, anyone else... interested?  I've already made quite a few recipes.  Carol, do you have a digital camera?  It's even more fun if you post photos.  

Cheers, Jen

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Cook the issue (post #71593, reply #5 of 28)

I haven't turned too many pages of 114 and 115, but when I do and if I make a recipe here and there, I'll let you know.  Since our return from Idaho, I've been trying to use a lot of stuff from the freezer and would like to continue with that project before I dive head first into a project such as  cooking from one particular magazine that would change my menu plans and grocery shopping habits.

I'm pretty focused on comfort style foods at the moment and one of my favorites was the lasagna that I made with the leftover pork ragu and sauce from last year's tomato crop.  I had just enough pork left for a small lasagna, a nice portion for 6 served with salad, was very good indeed.

Yesterday was a Cincinnati style chili for tonight and then some, DH has great Coney style dogs in mind...any suggestions on what the best hot dog for such a thing?   The chili was made with a selection of beef cuts from the freezer, chuck, sirloin, and tenderloin trimmings that I ground. 

Today is chowder making day for dinner guests tomorrow, I have tons of frozen clams and broth..,

Next will be a vegetable Parmesan, beef stroganoff, a Julia Child recipe for pork chops, and then a turkey porchetta from the original cook the issue.  Several fish and shrimp recipes and a few more soups. A wonderful Shepherd's pie and moussaka to be finished off as well.

All in all cooking from the freezer has been fantastic and I actually have a few light cooking days during the week.  So you can tell that I'm not idle and I'll certainly pop in with a recipe or two once I take a look at the latest issues and catch up.

Happy cooking and Happy New Year...I'll have to report back on our New Year's Eve seafood lasagna...

Pork_Ragu_Lasagna.JPG348.25 KB
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can I come over? (post #71593, reply #6 of 28)

YUM, that looks good.  I don't think I have made anything else from issue either.  But I did make a lovely cake over the weekend (check the baking forum).  I also have tried the turkey croquettes that came to my inbox with what to do with leftovers, those were fabulous!

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Looks great (post #71593, reply #9 of 28)

Hey ICD, that looks great and I love your cook-from-the-freezer project.  A great idea for the new year.  That reminds me, I have a bunch of squash mash that I need to make into muffins.


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Stroganoff (post #71593, reply #10 of 28)

Well I'll be, I have stroganoff on my menu list and sure enough I flipped open 115 and there is a recipe...I was going to use Julia Child's recipe, but I'm willing to look over the recipe in FC before I make that dinner.

Pineapple tart looks really good.

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tart (post #71593, reply #11 of 28)

Hey ICD, do report back on that stroganoff-- I am thinking about trying it on my crew.  I'm signed up to bring a fruit dessert to a potluck next weekend, so that pineapple tart is what I was thinking of making.  


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Made it today (post #71593, reply #13 of 28)

I made this today.  I liked it.  I served it to a couple of friends and will post a picture soon.  I have never had stroganoff before so I would be a bad judge for comparison.

It was easy and it came together well.

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Stroganoff (post #71593, reply #18 of 28)

Hi Pie...stroganoff has been a long time favorite for my daughter and she always requested it for special dinners.  Way back when I had a recipe that I made that was so long and involved perhaps because when I was such a cooking novice in my 20's and went by the book so to speak.  My lone cookbook in the 60's was New Your Times Cookbook and as I look through the tattered and stained pages I don't know why I thought it to be long and involved with just a few ingredients and 4 steps.  I even like to add "brandied" mushrooms or in your case for the little one Julia's sauteed mushrooms if she likes mushrooms. 

So I would give it a shot.  I have plenty of beef stock from my latest beef "stock up" in the freezer as well as more tenderloin trimmings so I will definitely be making stroganoff.

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Cook from the last issues (post #71593, reply #23 of 28)

Why yes, I'll try to do a few things as I least a little spirit of FC is alive.

Yummy cupcakes...I hardly ever bake "desserts"

Coca-Cola_Cupcakes_2.jpg200.25 KB
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hot dogs (post #71593, reply #7 of 28)

You asked about good hot dogs, well, I found these niman ranch hot dogs that were incredible.

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Hot dogs (post #71593, reply #8 of 28)

Thanks for the information and I just took a look, they sure are proud of their franks at over $3 for an 11 ounce dog.  At that price, I would hate to smother it with chili, mustard and onions.  I'm not a big hot dog eater at all, but we do enjoy a few grilled at the beach from time to time, that's how we know it is really summer around here. 

I think DH came home with Hebrew National which will make him happy.  I actually went to a site that rated hot dogs and I find that all of the ones they rated have way too much salt.  A friend sent me to Omaha Steaks, running specials right now. I'll pass on special ordering and continue my low sodium search locally.   

Happy New Year

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Hot dogs (post #71593, reply #12 of 28)

Yes, I have bought Hebrew National for years, because they are definitely better than Oscar Meyer.  However, I discovered these Niman Ranch, and oh my, the difference was enough to have me sold. I only eat hot dogs as a treat maybe once every two months, so having the tastiest ones means a lot to me.  Unfortunately, salt is often what makes things taste good.  I know a person can decrease their taste for salt, but I eat with someone who likes things salty. It is a problem for me, for sure.

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Hot Dogs (post #71593, reply #14 of 28)

I am sure that I would love a fantastic hot dog and will pay particular attention as to what I can buy locally, I know Boars Head might have their version, but like you I don't eat many hot dogs, but that damned pot of chili demands a chili dog or two from it...

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Hot Dogs (post #71593, reply #26 of 28)

I, too, enjoy the Niman Ranch dogs.  One of those splurges that's worth the cost for me.  I used to buy their beef on occasion, but now found a place locally that I like.  I do still buy from Aldersprings Ranch online.  They used to have the best all-beef sausages, but have not carried them in awhile.

And welcome, Carol!  I don't post too often, but I do read all the threads and appreciate the helpful tips and creativity!

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plum-glazed duck (post #71593, reply #15 of 28)

Did I post about the plum-glazed duck breasts from this issue?  They were awesome-- so easy and really delish.  I think I posted in a different Dec/Jan thread-- I will try to keep posting here.

Hot dogs?  As a transplanted Chicagoan, I vote for Vienna Beef!


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Duck? (post #71593, reply #16 of 28)

I really want to make this, but my eating partner claims he does not like duck.  I think I will try it anyway.  He claimed he did not like cauliflower. I keep getting it from my CSA box. What I did was this: I boiled it just to al dente, then put under cold water to stop the cooking. Then mixed half mayo and half mustard and put it on the head of cauliflower, like a little cap!!! Then put shredded sharp cheddar cheese, pressing it into this "icing" Put in a hot oven till the cheese melts.  It works, even for peole who "hate" cauliflower>

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Cauliflower (post #71593, reply #17 of 28)

I was going to try a roasted cauliflower recipe, but ended up making a cauliflower gratin that everyone that I serve it to really likes  I think cauliflower and Brussels sprouts get a bad rap, I love the balsamic glazed sprouts from FC for example. 

Funny thing about some set in stone "dislikes", my DH hates lamb, but yet two of his favorite dishes have lamb and he isn't even aware of it and in fact raves about the Shepherds pie and moussaka.  When I first tried lamb in his food, I trimmed most of the fat and added ground turkey for a portion of the recipe,  a Greek burger with olives and feta that added flavors that disguised the lamb.  We have them quite often.  Lamb is turning out to be a great bargain around here and I often find little roasts to use in the aforementioned dishes. 

I am not particularly fond of meaty ragus, but I did make the pork ragu with sausage and while it was okay to me DH loved it and I finished off the leftovers in a small lasagna recently, I loved it in the lasagna.  I'll have to take a look at the duck recipe, perhaps part duck, part chicken cooked the same way? 

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Does he like dark meat? DH (post #71593, reply #19 of 28)

Does he like dark meat? DH hates dark meat and thus hates duck. However if you can get the proper magret breasts and cook this to the rare state it should be (I haven't looked at the recipe), it will be delicious, and to me, tastes pretty much like beef!!

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Duck likes and dislikes (post #71593, reply #20 of 28)

This would be a challenge, that's for sure!!! To make a duck hater like duck!!!  Actually, i have had it only rarely, in French restaurants, and I tend to avoid it because it can be fatty.  I mean, they do not have ducks in your local supermarket, you have to search them out in specialty grocers.

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Quack! (post #71593, reply #21 of 28)

Hey Carol, I think you could do the same plum glaze with boneless, skin-on chicken thighs-- the cooking times would be different, but the technique (sear on skin side, turn and roast until done) would be the same.  

I tried the beef stroganoff last night-- my husband and I both thought it was delicious, but it got two major thumbs down from the kiddo.  Oh well-- luckily I also picked up some more duck breasts!  With the kid, there is definitely some randomness...

Cheers, Jen

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In our supermarkets the duck (post #71593, reply #22 of 28)

In our supermarkets the duck is sold whole and frozen. Look there, in the specialty meats frozen case.

Duck IS fatty, BUT as in other things, moderation is good, and flavor is paramount. The fat is ideally cooked out.   A properly cooked duck breast is not paticularly fatty, and the meat is very rich and lean.

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Tricky Posting (post #71593, reply #24 of 28)

Learning how to do these posts is tricky. I started out with the cooking the last issue, progressed on to a great duck discussion, so not sure now where to tell you my latest triumphs fromthe Dec/Jan issue!!!  Please advise

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Dec/Jan issue (post #71593, reply #25 of 28)

Hey Carol!  Keep posting in this thread, by using the "Reply" button-- that makes it easier to follow you!  So, what triumphs do you have to report?  I'm looking forward to hearing them...

Cheers, Jen

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Bombe (post #71593, reply #27 of 28)

Just made the bombe in this issue, it was fantastic.

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bombes-- wow! (post #71593, reply #28 of 28)

That is great-- I saw your post over on Delphi too, it sounds like the bombes were a big hit!  Nicely done!