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Dark Chocolate Crackles

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I recently made the aforementioned Dark Chocolate Crackles on p.39 of the cookies magazine. The cookies turned out well enough, however, the dough was nothing like I imagine it should have been, for it was too sticky to roll into balls I could dip into sugar. I ended up using a tablespoon to put the dough on the baking sheets and then sprinkling sugar. They taste good, but are a little chalky. I was wondering if there was any comments on where/how I went wrong!


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I love those cookies, I've never discerned a chalky taste.

I use my #40 scoop to make balls and sprinkle them with sugar.

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Love these cookies!  They were a big hit at my house last holiday season.  Never sticky when rolling in balls (great to roll in balls, freeze, then bake later, by the way), and no discernible chalky taste.

Chalky, hmmmm, sticky, hmmm.  Tell us about the type of chocolate you used, flour and butter brands.

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I used unbleached flour and bittersweet chocolate by Girhadelli (sp?), and unsalted butter. I started late in the evening and couldn't wait for the butter to get to room temperature, so it went in kind of lumpy and firm. I also wonder if it didn't blend long enough? 4 minutes, as the recipe called for seemed a long time when all my ingredients were blended together.

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I made them this weekend too. Used the #40 scoop and sprinkled with sugar too. Loved the orange addition! Very deeply chocolate too!  I hope they freeze well.

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They freeze beautifully.  They don't keep well at room temp, so I've been freezing them and taking them out a half dozen at a time.  No problems.

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I freeze the dough balls and just pull out as many as I need to bake. Thaw somewhat, sprinkle with sugar and bake. Yummy!

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Perhaps the Ghirardelli you used has too low a % chocolate? That would make them stickier. The only other thing I can think of it that you may have accidentally undermeasured the flour.

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On the package it said: 60% cocoa.

The flour theory is possible, i thought there was a lot of flour in the cookies, but my mom, too, suggested i just should have added more.

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60% is pretty low for dark chocolate.

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it was too sticky to roll into balls I could dip into sugar

That has happened to me on occasion.  Chill the dough for 30 minutes, then roll (I use a cookie scoop).  I also chill the formed, sugared dough for 30 to 60 minutes before baking so they don't flatten as much.

I've never had them come out chalky.  Do you know what the percentage is of the chocolate you used?

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What is this cookies magazine? Is it still available? I thought I bought all the special baking issues, but I don't think I have a cookie one.


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I just picked it up at my local Whole Foods store.

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OK...thanks...I will have to look for it!


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I bought one last week at Border's.  It's titled "Cookies" and is a compilation of all of the cookies printed in FC issues.

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I just picked mine up at Sams.  Haven't had a chance to look at it yet!!

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THey are a food of the gods ;o). I recall that my dough was sticky too, but I just plunked scoops of dough (using an icecream scoop) into a shallow bowl of sugar and could roll them just fine that way. Mine were never chalky either. Sorry I have no better answer!

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I remember making these last Christmas for the kids in California. I made probably 100 beautiful little sugar coated balls, baked a few off and left the rest of the dough in the frig.

Received a call the next day from the kids thanking me for leaving the delicious "truffles" in the frig for them.  Silly guys ddin't know the difference between unbaked cookie dough and a truffle. Oh well! :-)

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Hey, I love cookie dough, in spite of all the beasties in the flour!  I would have eaten the "truffles" also.

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At least there was a LOT of really good chocolate in those suckers! :-)

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That's a great story, thanks for the laugh!! I'm sure the dough was delicious all by itself :o)

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I just made these. The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate - which has a fairy high %. What you used was semisweet. That's definitely why you had the stickiness problem.