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crystalizing fresh pansies

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has anyone ever done this? i know to use egg white and superfine sugar...but the flowers seem very heavy and have lost their color. any tips?

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If you can get your hands on Fine Cooking #34, September, 1999. The back cover has some info on this. They mention a company called "Meadowsweets" which does this. They sell a kit. The phone number is 888-827-6477 (toll free number). If you do this with any frequency, it may pay to get the kit and any instructions they furnish with it.

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The flowers will lose their color a bit when they dry. The only way around this I've found is to tint the sugar slightly - but of course it only works for monochromatic things like lilacs and mint leaves.

For teh heaviness problam, try adding a bit of water to your egg white to thin it out, and just coat the flower with it lightly (I use a small paintbrush to brush the excess off) before coating it with the sugar.