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Corned beef dinner for 150 - help

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My husband's lodge is having a corned beef dinner this weekend, and not one man knows what they did last year, as the man who ran it last year left the lodge in a temper tantrum.  It's fallen to us and another couple to coordinate it, I've never done anything like this.

Any suggestions on how much we should buy?  Any help greatly appreciated.

Corned beef

Cabbage, potatoes, carrots


Irish Soda Bread

Rye Bread




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Enough for 150. (post #69466, reply #1 of 13)

Enough for 150.

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So very helpful, thanks so (post #69466, reply #2 of 13)

So very helpful, thanks so much for your non-help.  Sorry I asked.  This was absolutely useless.  Too bad you are too full of yourself to offer some helpful information.

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You are very welcome.  Maybe (post #69466, reply #4 of 13)

You are very welcome.  Maybe in a couple of weeks someone else may respond.

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Are there any receipts or (post #69466, reply #3 of 13)

Are there any receipts or other records from last year?  Perhaps the coordinator had to submit receipts to get reimbursed?  Maybe the supplier (ie local butcher, etc) has a record of the order?  

Good luck and please report back!  Do you have to cook all that too?


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Thank you Pielove, but I am (post #69466, reply #5 of 13)

Thank you Pielove, but I am done here.  I've been reading this forum for a few years on and off, and I see there is a click of people that are all over everything, and now that one of them has shown his true colors to me, I will be leaving that group to have at it.

We don't have to cook, just procure the food.  There are no reports or receipts, it's a long involved story of what goes on at this lodge, and needs to be straightened out, which we are trying to do.  The cooks from last year said about 75 pounds of corned beef, but they don't remember much of anything else, how much bread, how much cabbage, nothing.  So we are flying blind.  I was hoping to get some information here, but . . . . .

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While MeanChef may have not (post #69466, reply #6 of 13)

While MeanChef may have not been helpful, your open ended request to feed 150 people is a bit off putting.

Go to the deli and buy the amount they recommend to feed 150 people.

How are you going to cook the rest of the things--is there a place to cook? More info please.

Cabbage and carrots are cheap--it won't be a lot, BUT how are you going to cook it.

You really ought to be able to estimate bread--puhleeze. I think you expect a lot (from clicks (sic) or not).

Tell us what you have in the kitchen.

Buy the desserts.

But if you are gone, just know, you didn't give us a lot to deal with.

But 75# of corned beef for 150 people is a LOT of meat.  I would really cut that by at least 1/4th

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Hi MrsM, Too bad.  Sorry I (post #69466, reply #7 of 13)

Hi MrsM,

Too bad.  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I think you will have to just estimate from your recollection of what was in a single serving (or per table, etc)  last year and multiply.  Good luck.  I agree with Gretchen that 75 pounds of beef for 150 sounds like a lot, but corned beef does shrink a lot.


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Google is your friend.  (post #69466, reply #8 of 13)

Google is your friend.


Too bad you have to do this in such a rush, especially since no one knows what's going on.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Sorry you did not get the (post #69466, reply #9 of 13)

Sorry you did not get the responses that you  had hoped for.  Sometimes folks are dismissive while trying to be cute.  He is a good cook, though.

I am a caterer and i can tell you what I would buy, but then  you have to decide how  you would use the following information.  I would never run out of food, so you may want to cut some of these quantites.

Corned Beef - generally a 2 -2 1/2 pound brisket will give you eight servings if you are plating it and about 6 if you put it on a buffet for self service.  If you can find corned beef rounds it has less fat, costs a little more but easier to cook, chill, cut and portion out.

Cabbage, potatoes, carrots  -  (mulitply  all these amounts by the number of briskets you buy): 1/2 pound diced carrots,   1/2 pound diced onions,   1 pound potatoes, peeled and chopped,  1/4 pound diced celery, or 2 stalks,  - 1 small head cabbage, chopped, approximately 2 pounds

Salad/dressing       -     2 gallons if serving only one type                                                       

  • 1Irish Soda Bread     -     For a standard 8" round loaf I would slice it in half then into 7 or 8 slices (for a total of 14-16 pieces).  I would place a loaf of soda bread on each table (seating up to 10) 
  • Rye Bread   -  I would not be serving it with soda bread on the tables, but if I had to buy it I would put a small loaf on each table or half of a large loaf.

    Butter - 2 pats per person

    Soda -  1.5 soda's per person

    Coffee/Tea - 100 cup coffee maker full, hot water for tea bags.

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    Wow, that was the most (post #69466, reply #10 of 13)

    Wow, that was the most informative answer ever-- too bad the OP didn't hang around a bit longer...  Makes me want to put on a massive corned beef dinner myself.


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    Corned beef dinner (post #69466, reply #12 of 13)

    Maybe you can e-mail your response to MrsM.  Thanks for the info. 

    I was going to have just 4 of us for dinner and bought brisket at about 5 lbs, but DH invited a few more people so he had to run out and buy more brisket for the brine.  I am also doing the braised cabbage from Molly Stevens and I thought that I would try a scalloped potato parsnip recipe for a change.

    I was thinking of making Irish soda bread, but I know that I will be outvoted so I might make a vintage recipe for butter flake herb loaf (discussed old recipes on the Delphi site) or the rosemary/herb rolls.  Actually a discussion on recipes using prepared bread dough products for lack of a better term. 

    Not being huge dessert fans, I have decided to make "autmn leaves" coffee and chocolate truffles with salt if I can find a good recipe.

    I like the sound of mussels in Guiness until the guest list grew so I am going to make a light salmon spread with maybe mini potato pancakes or just cocktail rye and garnishes.

    Sounds like a party to me! 

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    Thanks so much (post #69466, reply #11 of 13)

    Thanks so much "thecooktoo"


    I am doing a dinner for 25, they are Seniors so generally eat a bit less. I am a little lost as to your measure of cabbage and potatoes. Are you saying that for every 2-2 1/2 lbs meat I sould buy one cabbage and one lb of potatoes?

    I am going to do Molly Steven's World's Best Braised Cabbage.Just boiled potatoes.

    What kind of salad do you tend to serve with this meal?

    Is soda bread any good and can I make it the day before?


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    Corned beef dinner (post #69466, reply #13 of 13)

    Good Lord, I suspect that there was something nasty in some people's wheaties this morning, more than ususal.  At any rate, you got one heck of a job and I'm glad that you were able to find answers from some helpful people.

    For what its worth, MasterCook recipe program has a great application that allows you to scale a recipe up or down, works great once you have your recipe saved.