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Rose Beranbaum's Cordon Rose Cheesecake is always a hit. Since Rose says there's no test for doneness, anyone know what the cooking times should be for smaller, or even individual-sized, cheesecakes?

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Frankly, for an "individual" cheesecake, I wouldn't bake it for longer than 20 minutes or so
i providing
you are referring to something baked in a muffin tin. Keep in mind that the cakes will firm up further when chilled. Do
i not
remove from pans before chilled unless you are using muffin cup paper liners or something. Then, only very carefully can you remove warm cheesecakes. And DON'T invert the pan to remove the cakes. Slide a knife or offset spatula into the pan and lift cakes out if warm.

If you are referring to a cake in a 7" springform, I wouldn't go past 35 minutes or so. If, when shaken, the interior of the cake looks absolutely liquid, continue in 5 minute increments. Same rule applies here as to brownies: less is more. Don't overbake.

If you are doing this for a crowd, I suggest you give it a dry run beforehand with a really small batch - and
b take notes
on a post it note and leave it in the book.

Good luck :)

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If you are using a 6" springform, 3" tall - I usually bake them for 7 mins at 450, then lower heat to 200 and bake for 1 hour or so - depends on your oven. You can shake as Chiff suggests to test for doneness sooner, although I must confess that I do not( I know my oven and all its faults very well). I fill the pans to 1/4" below the rim, so they are very thick.
My cheesecakes take 40 oz of creamcheese( for a 9" cake) so they require a little more time. I have never had an overcooked cheesecake, these come out perfect.