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cooking two roasts at once?

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I just went to the market to buy my meat for Christmas Eve dinner. They didn't have the size I wanted so I bought 2 and I'm wondering about cooking them at the same time. I don't often cook roast beef, but last year I bought a sirloin spoon roast and my family loved it. So I thought I would do it again. Each one is roughly 3.5 pounds. There are only 6 adults, but I thought 3.5 lbs. a bit skimpy. Any advice? I only have one oven.

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I have never heard of a (post #68532, reply #1 of 1)

I have never heard of a "spoon" roast. But you should be able to roast your two roasts side by side in a pan. Use an instant read thermometer for "doneness". Don't forget to take it out and let rest--the temp will rise about 10* so about 130* is a good target for a nice rare/medium doneness. You'll have some more done on the edges, especially of two roasts if you have folks that prefer that.