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Cooking classes at J&W

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The mailer of cooking classes at Johnson&Wales came over the week-end and it is SO neat. Unfortunately we will be out of town on all the Saturdays Peter Reinhart is teaching a bread class.
However the one I am going to hopefully spring for is French cooking. Five hour class, limited to 5 persons--mentions cassoulet.  If I don't get that one, I'll try for a less ambitious (AND expensive)  Provencal one. The regular classes have 20 participants, 4 hours. 
I have a gift certificate from our kids which I wasn't able to use last year. When we went on a tour I mentioned it to the director and she said to call prior to the stated registration date and she would take care of it.  The classes filled up in 48 hours last time.  If you snooze you lose kind of thing.


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Your posting just brought to mind one of my happier college memories -- I shared a house with 4 other grad students and one long week-end we all embarked on the process of cooking an authentic french cassoulet -- I cannot remember where the recipe came from but it was tons of meat, lots of cooking, a great meal and the best wine that 5 poor grad students could pool in and buy. 

I just love "team cooking" -- the camaraderie, the taste tests, the tippling along the way to a great meal.

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