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Convection Ovens

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I'm SOOOO glad FC will be addressing this. Asking FC such a question has been on my list for the 4 years I've had my Dacor. I use the European convection all the time, and am always guessing how to adjust. The oven's manual has some good suggestions, but its baking section is mostly for frozen (bought) items. Specifically, I'm looking for adjustments for bundt and loaf cakes, yeast breads (esp loaves), fresh pies, and cookies. The way I'm adjusting it, it takes the same time, but at a lower temperature, with beautiful browning.

Looking forward to it!

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Instead of starting a new thread, you might want to click on "reply" of the thread you were reading.  Does that make sense to you?  An old-timer might be able to explain this better.

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Thanks - this was my first submission - now I'll know better!