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Completing Roasting over two sessions vs one

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this great site. I am very interested in exploring new dishes but mostly I find I really prefer getting the classic dishes done properly and perfectly. So I do have several questions I was hoping someone more experienced/trained could help on. I am helping out on the side a community kitchen outfit. One of the dishes I suggested them to do properly but in large quantities are roasts. We were discussing how to optimise roasts on a daily basis. Can someone help with the following questions:

1. If we were to do loads of meat (pork, lamb, beef) roasts which have layers of fat on the top which would need to be finished/crisp under a hot grill, could this be optimised by roasting until only the meat itself is cooked but fats/rind not finished/browned, meats removed and cooled out of the oven, chilled/frozen in fridge/freezer, then on the day we want to serve it is pre-thawed and heated up in oven thereafter it then goes under the hot grill to finish to brown/crisp it. Will the fats/rind have changed from being frozen/chilled such that it won't be the same as completing the entire roasting and grilling effect in the same session? Is completing in 2 sessions to achieve the same moist and crisp textures possible? 

2. As the kitchen has much smaller ovens, the above would help prepare most of the roast in advance and leaving them to finish the roasts on the day itself. This way the ovens could be used to roasts root veg instead of being tied up with the meats. Is there also anyway to optimise the root veg roasting? 

3. As the community needs grow, I propose some more ovens - is the main difference between gas and electric its running costs? And for comparitive sake, putting running costs aside, is it true gas is relatively inferior to electric due to the fluctuations in heat as it turns on and off?

 Much appreciated 


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I am not really "getting" (post #71528, reply #1 of 1)

I am not really "getting" your idea of "crisping the fat cap" on a roast.  I know practically no one, including me (who loves the fat) who will eat that.  But more to the point, I don't see how you can cook these to that point, freeze, thaw, and then just "crisp" that--AND have them heated to the point you would want to serve them.  They do need to be heated through.

I have no experience with "LOTS of roasts--beef, pork and lamb.  I do have experience with cooking a ribeye roast in a smoker to a VERY rare point, freezing it, and then finishing cooking to a proper rare in a hot oven.

As for root vegetables, you can pre=cook those a lot easier with good results of holding (NOT freezing) than you can for a final product of an edible piece of meat.

How many are you serving all 3 of these meats at one time.  What exact ovens do you have that need to prepare X amount of food.  /riasted root vegetables may just not be in the realm of possibility also. Broaden your vistas.