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cold, make-ahead, AND transportable hors d'ouevres ideas?

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must be make-ahead, transportable, cold

ideally serve up to 30 guests at a birthday for a man

it is ok to use some store bought items that we dress up (doctor up)

any ideas?

thank you

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Hmmm.  I've had good luck (post #70236, reply #1 of 1)

Hmmm.  I've had good luck filling bread cups (sliced good white bread rolled thin and cut in round shapes w/either a cookie cutter or drinking side of water glass.  Stuff into a mini-muffin tin and bake until set.  Voila a bread cup!) with chicken,egg,tuna or ham salad.  Served at room temp they are portable appetizers.  Bread cups can be made WAY ahead of time.  I keep them in a narrow tin tube with a silicon packet.  The kind of tubes that European long skinny rolled cookes filled w/chocolate come in.

You could also skewer chunks of good cheddar & apples, brie & grapes etc.  Ooooo, the marinated Thai chicken skewers served w/peanut sauce would be tasty!

Does the birthday man have any food allergies or preferences?

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with parsley sauce, goat cheese garlic mashed potatoes, Galena Cellars Niagra grape wine & Pie Boss's apple crumble topped with Ruth & Phil's sour cream/cinnamon ice cream.