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Cocktail party menu?

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I'm planning a cocktail party w/hors d'oeuvres only for 20 people. How many different hors d'oeuvres should I plan on making? How many cold vs hot ones?

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A good cheese plate works (post #68856, reply #1 of 2)

A good cheese plate works wonders and is very little work, add some Fuji apple and pear slices. If it is hors d'oeuvres only I'd have at least eight and maybe three of them hot. A good spanish jambon and other salami with tiny bread sticks, assorted olives, and I'm a sucker for cocktail franks in a current jam sauce, old school but still good. I make an oxtail marmalade that I serve from a chafing dish that is spread on toasted baguette slices, I can never make enough of that and it is really a simple do ahead. Also a good parma with honey and walnuts is good.

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Is this a true cocktail party (post #68856, reply #2 of 2)

Is this a true cocktail party (a couple of hours, then people leave and go have dinner, etc.)or is it a sort of buffet/dinner menu?
We have often had the latter and with that scenario usually served substantial meat with condiments and rolls.
Napie's idea of a cheese and fruit board is good.
Bruschetta does well-let everyone make their own--maybe goat cheese, roasted red peppers, capers and onions with baguette.
Little snack crackers or nuts on the bar to pick up.
A hot artichoke heart spread with crackers.
I have gone back to the Knorr soup mix "dip" with spinach of late. It is gone before you can turn around so it must be "OK".
How about some phyllo pastries for a hot hors d'oeurves to pass.