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Clafouti for a crowd

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I volunteered to make clafouti for my kids' Teacher Treat Day breakfast this Wednesday, and I have a tried and true recipe that I've made for years in my ceramic tart pan.  I'm wondering if I can use a metal sheet pan and obviiously double/triple the receipe to feed a crowd.  It's a cherry clafouti with cherry liqueur as one of the ingredients.  I'm wondering if it will react with the metal pan.  Anyone have experience with this?  My other option is to bake it in two pyrex 13x9 pans, but I'd prefer a shallower larger pan that the sheet pan offers. 

Also, wondering if I can make the batter up ahead of time. Why would I do this?  I didn't realize I have to work Tuesday night, won't get home til midnight and need the clafouti at school by 8am, so I need to do as much do ahead prep as possible, so I can wake up, pop in the oven etc...

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Hi Bella--

That sounds wonderful and will be a great treat for the teachers! I don't know about making the batter ahead of time, but I think it should work-- after all, crepe batter keeps well, just give it a good stir. So you could have the cherries all laid out in the pans and have the batter in the 'fridge.

As for the metal pan, I would worry about the pan imparting a metallic taste, but it kind of depends on your pans. I agree a shallower pan would be better, but the pyrex might be best. They would also look good for presentation.

Good luck to you and I hope you report back!

Cheers, Jen