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Chocolatier Mags

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Hi!  Does anyone have any ideas for where I can sell old Chocolatier mags?  I was a chartersubscriber and have issues from the very beginning.  I stopped subscribing a couple of years ago and have sporadic issues since then.  I have the first several issues as well as many others.  Thanks

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Try ebay?


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I've considered E-Bay, and will continue to, but I just wondered if there was anything else out there!  Thanks.

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I've sold cookbooks on e-bay (CT'ers got first crack) and had great success.  Try making "bundles" of 5 or 10 and selling as a unit.  Keep in mind, you're looking to reclaim space, not make millions.  If you manage to sell some, don't expect a King's ransom for them.

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Thanks.  I've copnsidered e-bay but thought maybe someone had some great place I was unaware of!  Don't want a kings' ransom, just want to move them!  Susieq

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why don't you see if your town's library wants them?

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I'm considering a donation to a culinary school.  Our local library, which is quite good, would recycle them by selling them at a public sale, held monthly and I'm not sure I want that to happen.  I don't mind them selling the mags, but I think they are worth more than the 15 cents the library will sell them for!  Thanks.

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Susieq, why did you stop your subscription. I just started mine and am just wondering.

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When the mag began, it was different, novel and had some really good recipes.  After a number of years I felt that with the variety of cookbooks available and other mags,  Chocolatier just didn't justify the expense.  I also felt that the editorial content had gone down and that they were really reaching for recipes.  I still buy an issue occasionally but I feel that there are many other sources available now.  I hope you enjoy your subscription.  Maybe you will like the recipes better than I did.

I am, in the process of copying any recipes out of the old issues so that I will still have them!

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I used to get Chocolatier, but canceled my subscription.  Had quite a little tussle with them over it, too.  I still don't know how they did it, because I have never in my life used a credit card to pay for a magazine subscription, but I let my subscription lapse since I didn't want it anymore.  All of a sudden I noticed a charge on my credit card for a subscription renewal!  I was really angry, because I know that I never authorized such a thing, and never would have - I pay for things like that by check.  I called them, and they were really quite difficult and snotty about it.  I finally had to demand to talk to a supervisor, and after a little more tussling, had the subscription canceled and the charge removed.  That was the cap on my already bad feelings about Chocolatier.

They just started to go down, down, DOWN hill.  It used to be about chocolate - about all things to do with chocolate, and chocolate based, upscale desserts.  I should have known the gig was up when there was an article on how to jazz up boxed cake mixes!  Since it was Chocolatier, though, I thought, hey!  Why not.  They sucked, to be kind.  Then issue after issue was kind of shoddy that way - the articles weren't well written, the recipes were "box of this" "can of that", the editorials were just odd - it just got really cheap.  And this was supposed to be a serious magazine for serious dessert makers and pastry people.  

I hope they've improved in the last year, but I'm not holding my breath.


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I didn't have a problem with dropping the subscription, but I agree with you about the quality.  Has really gone downhill. 

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Hi susieq, for whatever this is worth, many years ago I was doing some checking on prices for some of the early issues and one of them was worth $45.00 so do some checking before you unload them all.  I wish I could remember where I found this info to save you some time but I'm drawing a blank. 

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Thanks, Tuck.  I remember years ago people were writing in to the letters column of the mag offering some pretty fantastic things for issue 1 and 2, like a vacation in a condo in Mexico City!

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One issue (#8) sold on Ebay for over $90.00 a couple of years ago.

Edited to say it was FC's #8 - don't know about the other mags.



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