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Childrens Cookbooks

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I ran across this childrens cookbook.It's for ages 4-8. on the authors name next to More Books for more Kids in the Kitchen titles.

Food and Recipes of Greece (Kids in the Kitchen)

by Theresa M. Beatty

Food and Recipes of Greece (Kids in the Kitchen) Cover

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Synopses & Reviews
Young readers can sink their teeth into this unique world tour. Featuring safe, clear directions and accessible ingredients, these books will offer a smorgasbord of recipes designed for young chefs. While things are heating up, chefs can do some reading up on the background of the country whose cuisine is being introduced. An interactive way for kids to learn about other cultures through cooking, this is an invaluable resource for your school's international-day activities. Students can cook their own food for thought with an exciting new series that brings kids into the kitchen, and far beyond it!

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