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Chicken Noodle Soup

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I recently started making chicken noodle soup.  The broth turns out great but I never know how much dry noodles to add.  I usually add too much and then it ts too thick.

If I cook noodles first and then add, will the noodles have as much flavour?  Is there a ratio of broth to dry noodles that I could follow.  Thanks.

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Either add less noodles or (post #71016, reply #1 of 4)

Either add less noodles or dilute with more broth. If you boil your noodles in other broth it will flavor it, but it really seems easy enough to just make it a one stop soup. Maybe use smaller noodles also. But still not so much.

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noodles (post #71016, reply #2 of 4)

Josie, I have the same problem.  What kind of noodles are you using?  Noodles are one of my daughter's favorite foods, so I am usually trying to maximize my noodle yield-- but I end up doing what Gretchen suggested and adding more broth.


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CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP (post #71016, reply #3 of 4)


Today I used 10 cups of homemade broth.   I added 1 cup dry short curly noodles.  It was not enough so I had cooked two other cups of dry noodles in water.  I added that when it was cooked, and it was just right.  So from now on I will use 10 cups broth to 3 cups dry noodles, or that ratio.

I am still looking for the perfect thin noodle for soup.  My mom used to make her own and I cannot find anything to compare.  I have heard that Natures Best is excellent, but I cannot find it.  Josie

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There are little noodles in (post #71016, reply #4 of 4)

There are little noodles in the Safeway. You could also break up chinese noodles and  cook them.