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Canteloupe and Pineapple "frappe"

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I discovered or rediscovered something very simple at the weekend. I haven't tried it out before,

I had a rockmelon (canteloupe) that I bought for a good price last week and half a pineapple that was too tart to eat as it was. So I decided that a sorbet may be a good idea, but I wasn't keen to make the sugar syrup and then wait for it to cool before I could get cracking.

In my hunt for recipes, I found a recipe in Jamie Oliver's book (the second one) for what he called a frappe. His version had pineapple and grapefruit.

His method was very simple, blitz fruit until smooth and drain. (I blitzed until foamy and skipped the draining) You add a small amount of sugar to taste and then freeze and stir as per making a sorbet normally.

It was very good and refreshing and really saved a pineapple that I had no clue what to do with. It looked very pretty in a glass and would be a great finish to a hot summers day.

I believe in champagne...

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