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Buying Loaf Pans Momentarily... Help!

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Hey all--

I am in the process of placing an order with Amazon for some Chicago Metallic loaf pans... what size should I get? 1 lb or 1.5 lb? I don't bake bread often so I have no idea what a standard bread recipe makes...

I hate nonstick baking sheets, so I am assuming I would also hate nonstick loaf pans... I am aiming for the "stick" variety. Will listen to anyone who wants to try to convince me otherwise. I'd like to place the order very soon, so speak up if you're around!!


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What are the sizes?  Most loaf pan recipes call for the 9 X 5 size. 


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1.5 lb loaf pan is 10" x 5", 1 lb. loaf pan is 8.5" x 4.5".

When I looked at the same pans in Williams-Sonoma, I thought the 1 lb. looked awfully small.

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The one pound is more the standard size.


Buy a half dozen of each if in doubt


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Go for the 1 lb. It will make your loaves taller and more impressive looking.

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Re the loaf pans.... Cooks Illustrated did a comparison test and Chicago Metallic was highly rated -- the nonstick type.   Also very highly rated was Bakers Secret by Ecko at $3.99!   it's also nonstick.  I bought two 1 lb. pans at the supermarket and they work just fine.  Loaves brown evenly and come out of the pan with no trouble.  All for just $3.99.