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Broth in the fridge

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How long does it last? 2-3 days?

It's time for my annual Decompression Thanksgiving party next Sunday, and my social calendar is chock full (Christmas parties Friday night and Saturday night), so I'm hoping to knock out a lot of things in advance. Can't freeze anything, have no room. LOL.

Now if I can just find a monster turkey (20 guests and counting)... and a dining room table. Heh.

And this year I am NOT making everything!!

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Tracy, you can extend the refrigerator life of your broth a bit if you need to by bringing it to a boil and then putting it in a clean container. That should sort of start the countdown over again.

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Just remember to keep it at the boil for at least 5 minutes to kill all the little nasties.  Also, why don't you just reduce the heck out of it?  Down to a cup or so and it'll fit into your freezer.


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When I made stock after Thanksgiving, I used my 16qt pot, had it within 3" of the top. DW tasted it after 6 hra and found it a bit weak.  After straining it, I had 3 gal.  I reduced it some more that day and then all day the next and when she tasted it, her eyes lit up and told me it was terrific ( I now had 1 gal of stock ). My only mistake, was in not separating some out and freezing - I made a turkey stew with all of it.



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" There'll be no living with her now" - Captain Jack Sparrow

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I had my 16 qt. with the turkey carcass and filled just over the top of the broken up carcass=about half. Strained.  It was nice when "ready" and then I concentrated to just about a quart and a half.


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i usually freeze the bulk of the broth and make hot and sour soup later, with a bit of vinegar and some red pepper flakes and fresh grated ginger. and of course the good bits of meat that i strained out from the stock pot

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Gretchen and Rick,  I froze my turkey carcass after TG also.  Then I defrosted it and put it along with 2 fresh turkey wings and 2 fresh turkey drumsticks into my large stockpot with some veggies and simmered a total of 10 hours. It equaled 6 qts. and I now have it freezing in my new freezer containers.

This year I made my turkey gravy almost to completion the day before TG by using the stock I made a couple days before TG. I added the turkey drippings after the turkey was cooked, and it was outstanding gravy.  Now, I will have the stock already made for Christmas.  I will try to make the gravy like this always now because it is just that much less to be fiddling with near the eating time.  Does anyone else do this?

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I do that now.  Make a stock with the turkey wings and giblets, plus assorted veggies, and make the basic gravy ahead of time.  Great idea to reduce the last minute stress.

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It will be fine for up to 3 days, then reboil to kill any beasties with attitude.

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