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Barbecue Braised Bourbon Beef w/ Mustard Glaze

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I made this dish and after following it to a tee, the meat was very well done, I don't konow how it could be as rare looking as it is in the picture after cooking it for 3 hours. It still tasted good but I can bet if it was as rare as the photo if would have been fantstic. If anybody has made this or can give me insite into how mine go so well done it would be greaty appreciated. I have included a link to the dish here if anyone want to see it.

Thanks, Ed

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mmm, beef (post #71471, reply #1 of 2)

Hi Ed!  That recipe sounds great-- the photo doesn't look rare to me, it looks evenly brown.  I totally agree that after three hours, it could only be well done.  


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It isn't rare/red in the (post #71471, reply #2 of 2)

It isn't rare/red in the picture, nor is there any way you would expect it to be from the name of the recipe. It is a braise--which means cooking a tough piece of meat (chuck or other cuts) in liquid for a long period of time in order for it to be tender. You must cook it that long in order to achieve that. it isn't meant to be rare.

If you want rare, cook a sirloin cut with a sauce or glaze.

The recipe looks good. I would not waste 2-3 hours of cooking time on a gas grill for the portion that could be done in an oven (assuming you are not camping and have access to one).  It is on indirect heat which is nothing more than an oven. The sear outside on the grill is a good step, and it could probably be carefully seared again (supporting it so it wouldn't fall apart) just prior to serving.