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"baking" on a grill

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my 92 yr old dad has not yet eaten the tinned steak and kidney pie i bought t for his birthday because mom won't let him-- they stink up the house too much.
i was thinking of cooking it on the backyard grill for him to get around the stink (tho he'll probably be made to eat it outside too).
It should be easy enough, since it's already cooked. i just don't want to burn the bottom.
would it be best to set it in a pan of water on the grill?
and has anyone ever done a cake on the grill? campfire-style? thanks-

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  You can control the heat of a grill using the vents and the way that the heat source is configured.  If you have a warming rack that is higher, that can also come in handy.
  If you have coals, you can set them on each side of the grill, leaving an empty spot down the middle (or some people like to pile them up on one side or the other).  Then you control the heat using the vents; open for higher heat, less open for lower heat.  This would hold true for the cover vents, as well.
  If you have a gas grill and more than one heat source, you turn on one or two and leave the others off.  
  There are little oven apparatus you can buy to put on the grill but if you're not going to use if often, I wouldn't look into it.
  These methods form somewhat of an oven.  I've made cornbread on the grill like this (charcoal).   

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i bet your cornbread tastes great cooked over coals.
i just have the basic cheapo coal grill, only a vent on top. thanks for the tips!

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Would the steak and kidney pie that is so offensive fit into a toaster oven? If so, you could just heat it up by using an extension cord with the toaster oven outside the kitchen door?

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LOL- a very good idea!

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I can't help you, but I have to say I loved hearing about your parents' problem.  I've heard about steak and kidney pie, of course, but never got close enough to smell one.  I have always thought of it as an experience I would enjoy missing out on.

I can sympathize with your mom because about once a year DH brings home various items from the local slaughterhouse (after using them in his science classes) and boils them for hours until they are edible (even though no one eats them except the dog and cats).  The slaughterhouse kindly donates cow's heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, eyeballs, etc. which (most of) the school kiddies love to explore.

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You would be missing something wonderful! Sorry, I have never found steak and kidney to have an offensive smell. I do, however, use lamb kidneys as DH doesn't care for beef kidney.