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Apple jelly - the lack thereof

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Has anyone besides me noticed a distinct lack of apple jelly at the grocery store? So far I've checked Whole Paycheck, Dominicks & Meijer. I'm getting a mite curious(this is for the Thyme Scented Apple Galette recipe) if the shortage is everywhere, so I will check Jewel, TJ's & CostPlus World Market next, just for kicks. If I still strike out, I will wing it w/Sure-Jell & apple cider.

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No law that says you have to try it. I'm going to if I can find the apple jelly.

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I've seen it in three separate grocery stores 'round here. Store brand and Smuckers. :-)

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No plans to try it but I love the name!

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It is a cajun recipe I believe--or at least Louisiana. 


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Jean, I don't think I said that.  Having already made a version of it for many years i was only commenting that I don't think the additions would add to its goodness--mainly because it will dilute the "heat".  Just trying to speak about "experience". Sorry.   I might like the idea of subbing the orange marmalade for the pineapple--and if you can't find the apple, it only added "sweet" and "volume" to me. Have it your way, however.  ;o)  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


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Has anyone besides me noticed a distinct lack of apple jelly at the grocery store?

Publix (Florida) has apple jelly under its own brand.  Email me if you'd like me to send you a couple of jars.

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We have an ethnic market that always has apple, pineapple, mint, and jalapeno jelly.

And cheap.

Just a thought.

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Apple jelly (post #36557, reply #68 of 69)

I noticed the absence of apple jelly on the grocery shelves when I bought a jar of peanut butter and decided to get apple jelly to mix with it and couldn't find in at our local Winn Dixie store.  They had everything but apple jelly.  I was in Walgreens and decided to look for apple jelly to no avail and to my surprise, I looked in Walmart and there were only 3 jars of apple jelly manufactured by Smuckers!!  I realize now that I should have bought all of it!  What is happening to the apple jelly industry??

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apple jelly (post #36557, reply #69 of 69)

Too bad, I think it is a matter of changing tastes-- done in by the popularity of grape jelly! I think there was a suggestion below to check ethnic markets. Good luck...