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Anyone know the proper way to make vi...

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Vinegar makes itself--leave wine, apple cider, etc. sit out uncovered and the natural yeasts floating around in the air will eventually turn it to vinegar. I've always wanted to make wine vinegar this way, but DH can't stand to see it sitting around. :-)

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There was an article in FC about making it starting with the "mother" etc. Paul Bertolli author?? I'll look it up in the morning.

Friend of mine who is a catering chef in Sonoma Valley has had her own pet vinegar since being booted out of the Belgian Congo (Zaire) in the '60's. Arrived in the USA clutching her precious bundle. It's a little wooden cask with a tap at the bottom. Every evening it gets its own glass of red wine poured into the top. Delicious .

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I think I read somewhere that you can sometimes get "mothers" for vinegar at beer/wine making supply stores.