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Hey, I just checked that site out yesterday. It's affiliated with the CIA. Found out about it after reading
i The Making of a Chef
by Michael Ruhlman. It's a fun book to read and gives you a great view into the Culinary Institute.

Which reminds me Chiff, your comment about
i Gourmet's
restaurant issue. I couldn't agree with you more. Last night I picked it up to glance through before going to bed and I saw there was an article by Michael Ruhlman. It turned out to be a great article. The subject was the chef of The French Laundry in California, Thomas Keller, I think. The article was fascinating and everyone should read about his experience with rabbits. Makes you think.

Here's another interesting site:

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i The Making of a Chef
holds my favorite potato gnocchi recipe. I am sure there are others, but the gnocchi I am comparing them to are from my childhood made by a neighbor whom we called Grandpa. He was 86 years old and had no teeth. He never measured anything and made bazillions of them. It's no wonder I cook, having been exposed to culinary influences like that.