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What to make in All-American Cookie Book

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I took this book out of the library after seeing it at a friend's house.  Does anyone have recipes they can recommend from it?



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The pecan sandies and the apricot-pecan filling for the rugelach are delicious.


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I haven't tried that many, but I recall making ranger cookies and found they were way too sweet. That is what is my general impression of the recipes in the book, that they call for much more sugar than average.

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That's an interesting observation.  I will be sure to note that when I decide what to make.


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Someone from work asked me this morning about some cranberry oatmeal cookies I made one year, and the recipe just happens to be from this book. I also found many of the recipes to be too sweet. I usually can't resist baking books, but I had no problems not buying this one. However, those cranberry oatmeal cookies were good.