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using Cuisinart to knead/make bread?

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Can I use my cuisinart to knead bread?

What kinds of successes and failures have you had?

What expert advice do you have on using the cuisinart for this job?



Novice Bread Baker

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no failures, only great bread using the Cuisinart

My default recipe is very simple, from "The Perfect Recipe"  by Pam Anderson

I am almost sure I posted the recipe here when I first tried it, because I was so impressed. It has to be in the archives somewhere.

anyway - the food processor does a fantastic job kneading the dough - you can have the dough rising in less than 5 minutes... of course, some people prefer to knead by hand or using a KitchenAid standing mixer. I use all these methods, but if I am in a hurry and want to have good quality bread that is fool's proof, I go back to this simple recipe.  I think one important consideration is the size of your Cuisinart.




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Ok, this is a cut and paste version of my post, from October 2003 - you can also retrieve the whole thread doing a search for "food processor bread", messages posted by SallyBR


From Perfect Recipe (Pam Anderson)

it is so simple that I still cannot believe it turned out so good -

1/2 cup warm water + 1 package dry yeast ( I used Instant Dry from King Arthur - 2 + 1/4 tsp)

dissolve - wait 5 minutes

In a food processor place 4 cups of bread flour + 2 tsp salt - process to mix

Add 1 cup COLD water to the yeast mix - turn food processor ON, pour yeast/water mixture

Process until a ball forms - then process 30 seconds non stop

The dough should be smooth - remove from processor, knead a couple of minutes (for the pleasure of it)

Place in oiled bowl - 2 - 3 hours rise

cut in half, form two loaves - 45 min to 1 hour rise

Bake at 450F for 25 minutes

(THEY WERE GREAT, I used my Baparoma pan again... the thing is fantastic!)



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There is a book called "The Best Bread Ever" by Charles van Over that has all varieties of bread in it.  I have made a few and they are good and work well.  Just can't overload the processor though.  You can do it in 2 batches.  Julia Child advocated it in one of her books.  Good luck!