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So called Low Calorie Strawberry Cake

delice's picture

I call it "so called" because it contains no fat but PLENTY of sugar!!  I made this Roland Mesnier recipe after Ballotine mentioned it in the "Great Cakes" thread.  Mine was not as ruby red as the pictures, but I just did not want to use lots of red food coloring.  I LOVED the bright "strawberriness" of it but thought the genoise was too coarse.  I am not criticizing the recipe--genoise are not my favorite and I rarely bake them, but the few I have made seemed to have a finer, more tender crumb.  For those put off by the mention of gelatin, this gelee is NOT firm and bouncy like Jello.  The strawberry puree/poaching liquid mixture did not completely permeate the cake layers but I used the amounts called for.  Was yours like that Bal?

I would make this again, but would use a softer cake.  Thanks Bal, for mentioning and (I think Schnitzel) for finding and posting the recipe.  I called it "Presidential" because it a favorite of Bill Clinton's and he ate half at one time and went back later looking for the rest!