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Question about J. Beard's Chinese Chews

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I am baking the Chinese Chews and have a question about the flour measurement in the base.  The ingredient list states "2 cups plus 2 Tblsp all-purpose flour".   The directions say "mix 2 cups of the flour.....".  There is no mention later of where to add the 2 Tblsps of flour.  Are you adding it with the 2 cups of flour to the base?  Thanks.

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I took it to mean that it's just added to the 2 cups of flour in the base.   It cooks ok that way but now that I look at the recipe again - a bit of flour in the topping wouldn't go astray either.

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I agree!  I had already made the base when I read your response and think it could have used the extra 2 Tblsp.  The topping could probably absorb it w/o problem too!  This is REALLY sweet(as mentioned in the original thread)and I baked it for several who thrive on sugar--of course, they loved it!